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Mar 20, 2012 08:21 AM

Best New Mexico Restaurant Not in ABQ or Santa Fe?

I'll lead off by nominating Chope's in La Mesa. As you probably know, it's a hole-in-the-wall dive that's been around since the 30s. Legendary food, though, and it lives up to that reputation. Great tamales, salsa, and some folks think they wrote the book on chile rellenos.

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  1. Charles Spic and Span in Las Vegas, NM (Great Sopapillas)

    Hatcha's in Mora, NM (Not sure if they reopened after a fire)

    El Paragua in Espanola, NM (homemade jam for the sopapillas)

    1. in Espanola, El Paragua. very unusual old building, (a cottonwood is growing inside the bar). Great enchiladas, tacos, but also have steaks, lamb chops.

      (the outdoor to-go stand is my real favorite, carne adovada burrito , chicken tacos w/ guacamole!!)

      I'd have a drink in the bar, then order food outside. they have picnic tables.
      Also, Graham's Grille in Taos...unbelieveable breakfast, although not just New Mex.

        1. The Love Apple in Taos. The Curious Kumquat in Silver City. La Risa in Ribera. El Farolito in El Rito. The Bavarian in TSV for German beer and soft pretzels with mustard and fat juicy sausages in that glorious mountain air.

          1. If you happen to be in Roswell, do yourself a huge favor by dropping in to Martin's Capitol Cafe and order yourself not one but two bowls of their green chile stew. Mercy, but that stuff is murder.

            I asked for the recipe and they told me to go to hell. And rightly so!