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Doritos taco anyone?

Give it up, who's tried the doritos taco shell tacos (Doritos Loco) at Taco Bell? I haven't been to one in ages, but am tempted to put a good drunk on one night and have someone run me through the drive through old school.

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  1. Dude. I actually love some T-Bell, but I must say... I'm scared of the Dorito taco. Really scared. My girlfriend and I have been joking about trying it; I honestly think it's going to be a 50/50 gamble where I either love it or puke everywhere. I'm gonna build up the nerve this week and will report back with my findings.

    In the meantime, this article is hilarious:

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      Co-nerve building in process right here. You're spot on, it's a 50 / 50 gamble going in that you may suffer some type of reverse peristalsis or find a new irresistible form of fast food depravity.

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        You, like slowcooked probably need some liquid encouragement.


      2. in my baseball team-mom days, we used to serve up something called a Walking Taco at the concession stand from time to time

        Open a bag of Fritos (concession size)
        Add a couple of scoops of taco filling (ground beef and spices) -- right in the bag, on top of the chips
        add lettuce, chopped tomato, and a dollop of sour cream

        Stick a plastic fork in it and it's ready -- I think we sold them for $2 or $2.50 (been a while) -- and we sold out of them FAST every time we put them on the menu board.

        Once in a while, someone would ask us to use Doritos instead of Fritos.

        I can't get this out of my head when I hear about Dorito tacos.

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          Where are you from? Just curious... since this thread was relocated to "Chains," I was wondering if we Texans now have a wider audience on CH. What you're talking about is pretty much our classic way of making "Frito Pie," except usually there's no lettuce/tomato involved.

          The idea of trying out Frito Pie with a bag of Doritos is kinda blowing my mind right now. Same reaction to the Dorito taco... equally intrigued/terrified.

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            I was at a school the other day, and the teachers had a lunch of walking tacos, using doritos.

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              Our local minor league team started selling both Frito pies and Walking Tacos last season. The Frito pie is what a Texan would recognize. The Walking Taco is what you described, using Doritos. It is seriously addictive and IMHO much better than the TB Dorito taco.

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                The taco toppings on Fritos was called "Texas Straw Hat" at the cafeteria in the dorm in college, back in the 90's.

              2. Well, I just lost my Dorito Loco virginity. After being completely terrified of this product since I first heard about its demonic potential several months ago, I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed. I'm not disgusted... in fact, I think I'm disappointed that I'm NOT more disgusted. It really just tastes like a normal T-Bell taco, just with a little hint of Doritos. I didn't even think of the fact that one of the most dominant flavors in T-Bell tacos is cheese... and because that's also the main flavor in Doritos, the two just kind of blend together. Maybe they should make a Cool Ranch version?

                So yeah, I'd say it's pretty much the food equivalent of Chinese Democracy. "Oh my god, after going crazy all these years, is Axl going to deliver us some kind of terrible trainwreck that's an oddly laughable masterpiece?" Nah, just a bad album.

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                1. I agree. They're not bad -- they even pretty tasty -- but the only time they taste at all different from a regular Taco is that first bite, when your tongue hits the outside of the shell and picks up the cheese flavor. After that, it's all mixed together and you can't really tell it's any different than a regular taco, which is 30 cents cheaper. And at a dozen tacos per sitting, that can add up.

                  The shell is reportedly much thinner than a normal one, leading to reports of ugly shell explosive disintegration when eaten fresh, or sogginess if brought home in the car.

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                    You can eat a dozen tacos? I'm both impressed and scared at the same time.

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                      Nah, not really, but with my two boys....

                  2. Tried one just the other day - DS's treat. Quite tasty. Salty but tasty. Haven't had TB in ages but it was very good. I'd try it again.

                    1. Went to TB yesterday to try these. Placed my order and waited. They brought out the tray and i went and sat down to enjoy. Unwrapped the beast... and saw a regular old taco. I went back and showed them my receipt. The counter person told me "oh, we ran out of the dorito shells, but other than that its just like a dorito taco." DOH. Then the manager confirmed the information. Color me unimpressed.

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                        Okay -- that one earns a chain rant!

                      2. The concept seemed brilliant and I was really excited. I've had it and thought the regular taco shells are better. It won't last.

                        1. Okay, so I got to try one of these things.

                          Not a big Dorito's punch but it was certainly there. Certainly better than their original taco but could be much better.
                          The biggest hit of flavour came from the dust left on my lips after every bite.


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                            I really liked it! But i like taco bell & doritis...sooo

                          2. Taco bell has sold 100 million doritos tacos in 10 weeks. ><


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                              I'll admit that I bought 2 of them. Not something I'd get again, but I can see the appeal. If they come out with a Cool Ranch version I might be tempted back...

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                                I tried one. I thought it was too salty, too hard to eat, and just not worth it. Interesting idea, but not that exciting.

                                However, it's the first "new" thing at Taco Bell I've tried in years. SO, I guess in that sense, it's a smart idea. I know quite a few people who have made a trip just because they want to try one, even though they don't like Taco Bell. So the marketing is paying off, and probably is helping with the sales!

                              2. I tried one because of the Doritos aspect. It was okay. The shell was was to thin for my taste. And the up charge for sour cream and tomatoes is to much. I'm not going out of my way for another one. But I would be lying if i didn't admit I really like TB. Didn't have them until I was 18. What do you mean I can stuff myself sick for mere change? Sign me up.

                                1. Taco Bell's said that they're planning new variations, like Cool Ranch. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else they come up with... if I don't see a taco in a taco-flavored Doritos shell, I'll be disappointed ;)

                                  1. Stroke of genius on their part. I bet it has totally revived their business. I would try one but am not going out of my way.