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Mar 20, 2012 06:48 AM

L'Autre, Europea, LeGrain DeSel

Any comments on the food? Also, are they BYO or not? Thank you very much

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  1. I see you read Tripadvisor. ;)

    The first place is called L'Autre Version. There's not much talk about on this forum.

    Le Grain de Sel's success with tourists seems to be a complete mystery to Montreal chowhounds. It's in a rather isolated and unsightly part of town. No one here seems to know anything about the place.

    Europea is much covered on this board. A simple search will get you tons of hits.

    None of these places are BYO.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      Le Grain de Sel was a very good restaurant when I last ate there more than 20 years ago. The mere fact that it is still open after all this time means it is probably still good. Whether it is worth schlepping out to that area from downtown is another matter entirely.

      1. re: eat2much

        Thank you to all! I think I'll go with O'Thym, La Colombe, Quartier General, and maybe Tandem.
        Good selections?

        1. re: shopgirl

          I don't like O'Thym at all. I've only been once, but found it uninspired and very generic. I know most of the BYOs in town are not exactly breaking new ground with their food offerings, but even then, there are better options for the money. I know others on this board have raved about it, so I guess it all depends on your personal tastes.

          Other places I would consider are Bleu Raisin, French Connection and Monsieur B. I have no personal experience with the last two, and my last visit to Bleu Raisin was a few years ago, but they are generally well liked.

          Quartier General served me the driest rabbit I've ever eaten. I know it's a dry meat, but they really pushed the boundaries. The rest of the meal did not impress either, but in this case, I seem to be part of a very small minority who aren't impressed with the place.

          1. re: SnackHappy

   bad. I meant to list Monsieur B, one of our favs. I'm rethinking O'Thym, as well as Tandem...I've read some not-so-good reviews. We used to always hit Les Heritiers, but since they moved and changed their menu, we didn't like it as much.
            Thank you for reminding me about Le Bleu Raisin. We went a couple of years ago..weren't unhappy, but obviously did not return for some reason, I guess.

            1. re: shopgirl

              I was kinda meh on Bleu Raisin last time I went: super heavy meat-centric fare that does seem to adjust with the seasons. In winter, sure, big meats with big sauces are fine; summer, not so great. And last time, the kitchen was so far in the weeds, they were in the back 40.

          2. re: shopgirl

            Have you considered P'tit Plateau? As far as BYO's go, it's my favourite. Food is always consistently good.

          3. re: eat2much

            We had our company Christmas party at le Grain de Sel this past year and boy was it delicious! Their specialty is black pudding (blood sausage) and it was out of this world. I would definitely go back to try some of their other dishes as well.

          4. re: SnackHappy

            Why is there not much talk about L'Autre Version? Is it actually any good? I tend to trust the opinions of people on here rather than on Trip Advisor!