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Mar 20, 2012 04:56 AM

Kearny Mesa area dining

Staying at the Residence Inn Kearny Mesa. I know I can find great restaurant recs in the San Diego area easily on this board. But I need some nearby backups in case the kids are tired and cranky. Are there any good options near the hotel for dinner? Any cuisine is fine.


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  1. I actually work about a block or two from Residence Inn. If your kids are fine with asian food, you're very near the asian food mecca of San Diego: Convoy street. Lots of great korean and japanese food along that street (way too many to name). Also some good Mexican food, like Lolita's, Yesenia's, Rigoberto's, and Gualberto's.

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      And the (in)famous Super Sergios

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        DD, I am so glad you stepped up to the plate.

        I was sorely tempted to add in Fake Name's beloved Super Sergio's as a recommendation, but since I have never visited this destination establishment, although I have done a drive by, I f felt that I should stay silent.. ;}

        1. re: Gypsy Jan

          Well, I'm gratified to see excellent judgement being used here on CH. But if one merely mentions a paticular place "was endorsed by FakeName", one will sucessfully convey to our fellow 'hounds that it is a place of high standards and practices where one may be expected to enjoy a meal of the highest quality.

          In fact, instead of using the cliché of "five stars" or some silly reference to the ratings bestowed by a manufacturer of tires, one could simply say "blessed by FakeName".

    2. You will be staying in the middle of food heaven! Try Mongolian Hot Pot, Manna, Convoy Tofu House, Original Pancake House, Little Dumpling, Crab Hut (excellent for kids), Shirahama (NOT the best for kids), Sab E Lee, Yakitori Yakyudori, and if you need a fast fun dinner, In N Out.

      1. do a search for "Convoy," "Clairemont Mesa" and "Balboa." You'll find the most popular Asian places around. Best is Japanese or Korean. Skip Jasmine and Emerald (not very good Cantonese).

        1. If kids are tired/cranky and you want to stay in, go to Nijya Market and pick up the premade sushi and prepared food. Makes a nice, easy meal.

          1. I've actually stayed at that Residence with my kids. They actually have a small dinner every night. Things like taco bar, soup night, etc. Half the time we just stayed there and ate. Convoy is a great food place too, but if your kids are picky, they may not go for it. Fillippis pizza is right there. If I think of others, I'll edit this.