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Mar 20, 2012 04:24 AM

What to do with too dry cake?

I made Bailey's Irish Cream Cake and while it is actually pretty tasty, it's too dry to eat as it is. Can I repurpose it somehow?

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  1. I would cut into cubes, lightly toast it, and cover it with chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

    1. Ice cream. Bailey's Irish Cream Cake ice cream sounds incredible.

      Alternatively, some sort of trifle or bread/cake pudding of some sort.

      or the above.

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          1. re: TeRReT

            +1 - I know you already re-purposed this particular cake, but one of my favorite dishes at the (old) Silk City Diner in Philly was the chocolate bread pudding. As far as I could figure out, it was actually "stale cake" pudding, with big hunks of dark chocolate mixed in before baking. (My guess would be that you would use less sugar in the milk-egg mix than for normal sweet bread pudding.) Delicious, and I bet it would work really well with Bailey's Irish Cream cake!

          2. cut into cubes. in a saucepan, heat some raspberries (fresh or frozen) with a bit of sugar til it all cooks into a soupy goodness. pour this over the cake cubes. let sit in fridge or at room temp a few hours. top with fresh whipped cream.

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            1. Is it already frosted? If not, what about soaking it with a more Bailey's, or a syrup flavored with Baileys? Even better, what about a syrup based with strong coffee? Call it an Irish coffee cake...

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                +1 most cakes that you buy in a professional setting have been "soaked" with a cake syrup. Typically a mix of simple syrup and a flavoring (alcohol, coffee, extract, etc). It will help keep a cake moist and can help to save a dry cake.

                Trifle is always good too.

                1. when serving a slice, place at the bottom of a dessert bowl, sprinkle with liqueur (I would use coffee liqueur) then a dollop of whipped cream.