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Mar 20, 2012 02:02 AM

t-bone steaks-where can i find?

Any retailers that supply t-bone steaks at a reasonable price as I have found that less retailers carry this- I use to be able to find a regular t-bone steak at Safeway but haven't seen it lately...any suggestions are welcome

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  1. Just about any butcher shop carries them or will cut them for you. As to reasonable price? Try Beefway if you find local butchers are too expensive.

    1. I think I've seen some at Jackson's at 4th and Yew

      1. Don't buy 'em, but my go-to butcher shop is Windor Packing on Main @ King Edward.

        Like Piwakawaka said, Jackson's should have them too.

        What part of town are you looking for a butcher ?

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          somewhere in East Van - I went to Beefway a while back and thought everything was very clean so I'll definitely check it out but any other recommendations for butchers in East Van would be much appreciated

          1. re: ume

            Columbus meats is usually pretty good.

            1. re: ume

              Any "real" butcher can cut you some T-bone. Many supermarkets get their meat trucked in already styro-packed.

              Beefway, Columbus, Cioffi would definitely have it in East Van (and North Bby).

          2. I've had success asking for special cuts from the butcher at Famous Foods. Perhaps it would be worth a phone call for your t-bones.

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              Ah yes, Famous Foods. In my mind I think of that butcher as "Neil" (he looks like Neil Young) :-)