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Mar 19, 2012 11:04 PM

Looking for a one day cooking lesson in Normandy or Paris

We are visiting France in May. I would like to take a one day cooking lesson and/or market tour without breaking the Bank. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Patricia Wells conducts cooking classes but I think they are kind of pricey.
    Le Cordon Bleu also has full and half day workshops.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I love her cookbooks. Unfortunately, she is full until fall!

    2. Two hounds, both French, both based in Paris, both fiendish cooks and speaking better English than many native English-speakers, give market tours and cooking lessons: Ptipois and Souphie



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        Souphie's domain redirect to his tour website doesn't work, by the way. I was only able to view it via

      2. Depending upon the time of year you are going to be in France, (and her schedule) Susan Hermann Loomis gives cooking classes in her historic home in Louvieres (Normandy). You can google her name for her web site. The place is lovely, and she's a very good teacher.

        1. La Cuisine Paris is very good. It's a cooking school specializing in English language classes and their prices are reasonable.

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            I've heard good things about La Cuisine Paris. I recently took a baking class at Cook'n with Class but they also do market tours. Class size was small but a tad bit less hands on than I had anticipated.


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              The baguette and fougasse class I took at La Cuisine was very hands on. We each participated in every step of the process which I liked. From what I understand, some of their other classes where you produce a multi course menu the work is divided up.

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                Thank you all who responded. After researching and looking at the cost, I booked a gourmet food shop tour with Decadent Gourmet Food Tours. Sounds like a lot of fun and my husband can participate too!

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                Thanks so much, I decided to go with a gourmet shop tour!

            2. Please say whether you speak French. There are many possibilities in French that are often much cheaper than schools teaching in English.

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                Which reminds me:
                The Paris city government and the Fédération Française de Cuisine Amateur are organizing free cooking lessons in all the markets in Paris.

                1. re: Parigi

                  Wow. According to the list on the link, three of these occur during my trip. I must try to give one of these a go. I have my choice of these markets: Convention, Brune (can't find this- is this something called Sarl Brune?) or Lefevbre (can't seem to find this either, but will continue trying!)

                  Edit - I just tried to register and I don't see any of those available. They must be full. Rats. There is something about a pomme de terre workshop - I am just going to register and see what happens.

                  One more edit - I think these lessons are called Mairie du Paris, and I believe I just registered for the one on Thursday, June 21, at Marche Convention. Yay!

                  1. re: saticoy

                    Given the location, price, and professionalism, La Cuisine is the best bet in Paris and vicinity for a one-day cooking lesson right now. I've done several classes there, and what I especially appreciate is the perfect equilibrium between a certain culinary seriousness and the desire that you enjoy yourself while learning.

                    1. re: saticoy

                      Calling Parigi - is there any way you can help me with this? I registered for two lessons, one at the Marché Auteuil, and the other at Marché Convention. I received long emails that are beyond my (and apparently google's) ability to translate coherently. So,

                      1 - do you think it is out of line for a tourist to take up space in these? I have watched so many cooking shows in other languages, I feel like I will be able to pick up a lot, even if I am not fluent. And, I want to experience Paris, as a tourist, with as little tourist-trappings as possible. BUT, I don't want to cross a line.

                      2 - would you be at all willing to help me translate these messages, and help set me up to participate well?

                      If not, no worries - I will muddle through. If so, thanks in advance!

                      1. re: saticoy

                        If the emails are really long, I am afraid I won't have time to go through it. Do you not understand the whole thing? Or are there isolated phrases or sentences that cripple your understanding. In the latter case, can you excerpt and show us the phrases? If I don't have time, so many others on this board have excellent in French and can help you out.

                        But if your French level does not enable you even to have a gist of the emails, maybe it is indicative of the problems you may have following a cooking a lesson. If your problems of understanding causes a slowdown of the cooking lesson, it is no fun for you and no fun for others. This may be a more important point than whether or not you are a tourist.

                        You call me and I call others. Do others with varying levels of French can share their experience in a collective cooking lesson conducted in French?

                        1. re: Parigi

                          Yes, here is the crippling phrase. "Pour une meilleure gestion des cours de cuisine / des évènement, nous tenons à vous informer qu’au plus tard 3 jours avant la date du cours, si vous ne confirmez pas votre présence, votre inscription sera mise en liste d’attente. "

                          Are they saying that they need me to confirm my registration three days before the class?

                          I am not really concerned with my ability to follow the lesson, and I'm pretty sure that I won't impede anyone else's enjoyment/fun/education. My concern is that these are clearly not geared towards tourists, and I will be a tourist.

                          Parigi - the reason I asked you about this is that you posted the link, and you have given me so much market advice - I thought you might know off hand. When I confirm, I will mention that I am a tourist, and see if they revoke my registration in horror, or if they allow me to proceed.

                          1. re: saticoy

                            The phrase basically says "In order for us to better manage the course/event, we want to let you know that if you don't confirm your reservation 3 days before the date, you will be put on the waiting list."