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Mar 19, 2012 10:17 PM

Speranza (on Hyperion)

There is nothing in the archive - has anyone been in the past few months? Worth a trip?

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  1. it's been a couple years but i think it's byob friendly.
    It was nice sitting outside service was fine but I really don't remeber the food as striking me as "I have to come back"
    Worth a revist I'd say

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    1. re: johnnyshungry

      Oh I wanted to like it...I really did. It's charming on the patio. Cramped but we had a nice spot.
      I did like the nice touch of having throw blankets on the back of the chairs - if only the rest of the experience had that much care.

      Our server was pretentious. There, I said it. No other way to describe him. We got over the fact that he was a dick and really didn't know anything about their wine list.
      The menu looked promising and I was really looking forward to several things. It seemed to be off to a good start with the bread. Warm, crusty and nice dipping options. That was a highlight. Sad but true.

      The starters were fine. One of us had the fennel and pear (with horseradish) salad. No real taste (which seemed to be a theme tonight). I had the bruschetta. I liked the heirloom tomatoes and appreciated the color. It was one of the most solid dishes of the night...If that tells you anything.

      The server recommended the bolognese - two people at the table had it. It wasn't even close to bolognese. It was a meat sauce. There was no pork, no milk, no carrots and extremely watery. A complete mess. The linguini and clams was so flavorless that my friend didn't eat hers. I had the amatriciana which wasn't horrible. The pasta was undercooked - not al dente but undercooked. The sauce had a lot of smokey bacon flavor but not enough heat. I like things spicy so that could have been my palate.

      It was packed so others appreciate it. Great - let them have it. I hope it was just an off night but I'm not coming back.

    2. I'm a regular there. It's my neighborhood joint. It is actually no longer BYOB.. they shut down for a few months last year to acquire a liquor license. The pasta is still my favorite, it's a solid spot. Get the pesto and you won't regret it.

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      1. re: gms2134

        Thanks. It's on the short list for this weekend. If we make it there I'll let you know.

        1. re: gms2134

          How do you compare it to the nearby Barbrix?
          Don Dickman is the chef at Barbrix, and does Italian food exceedingly well. Former owner of Rocca in Santa Monica a few years back.