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Mar 19, 2012 10:04 PM

Measuring Spoons - are there any on the market that aren't pure Chinese junk?

So based on all the good reviews at Amazon, I purchased the CIA Masters Collection Measuring Spoon Set

It turns out that they are your usual Chinese junk. Very flimsy -- so flimsy that the metal easily bends when you stick the spoon into a spice jar -- and with noticeable imperfections on the metal (i.e., the metal isn't completely smooth, making them hard to clean).

I'm beginning to despair about the possibility of obtaining decent quality small kitchen accessories - everything seems to come from China and be pure junk. Let's just hope there is nothing toxic in these spoons.

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  1. I have this set that I bought at BB&B and they are decent. I doubt that you will be bending them in a spice jar.

    King Arthur sells a similar set.

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      Yup, I've had these for nearly ever and they're just fine. No bending. But I wonder, what is the OP measuring out that makes a spoon bend? Just curious, because I - like many I'm sure - started out with a basic cheapy set. Never had a bend issue. I usually just measure spices. I found I liked this narrow bowl version because it fits in the spice jar.

    2. AMCO measuring cups and spoons are very thick. I doubt you can bend them.

      They are made in China, but definitely not junks.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I really wish it was possible to buy something not made in China. The CIA spoons I bought are allegedly 18/10 stainless steel and are the most expensive on the market that I was able to find at the time.

        I just don't trust anything Chinese, unfortunately.

        I recently bought an expensive Japanese stainless steel mixing bowl and it was worth every penny because it is truly high quality and I will have it for life. I wish I could find similar measuring spoons.

        1. re: omotosando

          If you take a closer look at the AMCO measuring spoons, then you will find they are 2mm thick. I have been using them for a long time.

          Now, if you simply want made in USA measuring spoons, then you can try this:

          There are plenty made in USA measuring PLASTIC spoons.

      2. Maybe Lee Valley Tools? Their stuff used to be made in the US. That might have changed. They make sturdy, good quality measuring spoons and cups. I think the best set of measuring spoons I've seen is All-Clad, but they're made in China.

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        1. re: ninrn

          I'm guessing the Lee Valley Tools spoons are made in China. They tout that the spoons are "Made to our specifications" -- which to me sounds like code that the lowest bidder in China is churning them out.

          The Lee Valley ones are 18/8 stainless steel -- I don't know if that is any better or worse than the 18/10 CIA junk I purchased.

          The All-Clad have some bad reviews at Williams-Sonoma. One person said they rusted after 6 uses and another person said they were difficult to read when new and got worse over time and were headed for his/her next tag sale.

          It appears that the only measuring spoons made in the U.S. are pewter ones.
          I would consider them, but they are just not my aesthetic -- heart-shaped and with a dopey saying on each spoon.

          1. re: omotosando

            I have an All-Clad set and am happy with them. Stuff in our house tends to get abused (Mr. CB in charge of clean-up) and they have held up very well. I also have the measuring cups.

            1. re: omotosando

              While it's true that one person said that about All Clad on Williams Sonoma, over 94% would recommend the measuring items to a friend. The overwheling majority of the reviews were positive.

              Despite being made by All Clad, they are made in China according to WS.


              1. re: NotJuliaChild

                We've had the All Clad measuring spoons from WS for 3 or 4 years and I'd agree, there really isn't anything wrong with them. I think when you look at reviews, you have to realize, someone out there isn't going to be happy, regardless. If the majority are good, then that's usually a best bet.

                1. re: mikie

                  I agree.

                  Although I don't own them, I have handled them in the store. The sizes are engraved into the handle and the spoons themselves have some real heft to them. These are not spoons you will bend acidentally or in the course of normal use.

                  If I needed a new set of spoons, these are the ones I would buy.

                  1. re: NotJuliaChild

                    AMCO ones are very good too. They are a bit thick, but they are definitely difficult to bend. Nearly 2 mm thick. In addition, they are made as single-pieces, no obvious welding. The size are also engraved into the handle. The handle also has a curved end, so the spoons can sit flat on a table. I can measure what I need ahead of time, and place the spoons on the counter.


                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      Chem those curved handle AMCO ones are very cool. I too have AMCO measuring spoons that are quite sturdy, but they don't have curved handles. I have had them for a few years.

                      I am on the lookout for some nice staninless steel measuring cups. These posts will tell me where to look. I think those measuring cups that Paula Dean uses are so cool. They are round like measuring spoons. However, upon investigating them, I find that they are made of peweter and cost as much as a small LC dutch oven.
                      Now, I just don't think they are THAT cool..............................................

                      1. re: dixiegal

                        I think the curved handle ones are the "Advanced" version and costs a bit more. They are not the normal AMCO version.


                        "However, upon investigating them, I find that they are made of peweter and cost as much as a small LC dutch oven."

                        Really? Wow.

                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                          >"However, upon investigating them, I find that they are made of peweter and cost as much as a small LC dutch oven."

                          Really? Wow.<

                          Yea, about 155.00 to 175.00 last I checked.

                          The upside is. They are handmade in the US, Oregon I think. They also have equally cool measuring spoons for only a little less than the cups.

                          So there you go. USA made measuring spoons and cups.

                          Seriously though. They are a form of art. They are by The Tin Woodsman, if you want to check them out. Kind of look like they belong in a castle, but still looks good in Paula Deens kitchen. LOL

                          1. re: dixiegal

                            I don't doubt they look good an function great, but they are probably not what most people can afford. Ok, we can afford, but we probably cannot justify $150+ measuring spoons.

                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                              I agree $150 measuring spoons are a bit much to me. It took me years to justify the price of an LC Dutch oven. The only thing about the measuring cups that might be inconvenient, is the rounded bottoms. You would not be able to set them them down. But the rounded bottoms was the coolness factor for me, for some reason. They look like giant measuring spoons. I did see where a company called Ganz made some SS ones that are a lot cheaper. I did not notice where they were made

                              1. re: dixiegal

                                I suppose everyone of us has different priorities. For example, I believe many of my friends have iPhones while not having expensive. I, on the other hand, have a few $100+ knives, but not an expensive cell phone.

                                I like baking, but personally I rank a standing mixer or a hand mixer above the measuring cup, so if I have to spend more in my baking equipment, I would probably put the money in a better mixer or a better pasty board, but everyone is different. Paula Deen is in the business of standing in front of millions of people, so she needs to have good tools.

                                By the way, are these the measuring cups?


                                It states that "We are always thrilled when celebrity chef Paula Deen puts our pewter measuring cups to work on her TV show"

                                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                  Yes, different priorities, and different bugaboos. I'm never going to drop serious bucks for a set of measuring spoons, when they are so abundant in places like Home Goods and Tuesday Morning. I admit I have several sets of spoons and only 2 sets of cups. I would buy another set of cups if I found one I thought was very functional. But never at for more than a few dollars.

                                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                    Yep, those are it. To me they would be like a collector thing or artwork for the kitchen, and would still be useful. But there are other things that I would rather sink my money in.

                    2. re: mikie

                      I have the same All-Clad set for a couple of years now and they're still going strong. They're definitely the best and strongest measuring spoons set that I've used.

                      One of my favorite features of the all-clad ones are the shape, the fact that they're deeper instead of wider. Makes them easier to insert into small containers like cans of baking powder and cocoa.

              2. Vollrath? They sell a lot of measuring utensils to restaurants and so on, and they have fabrication plants in Tennessee and Wisconsin, but I guess that still doesn't mean everything is manufactured in the US. Also don't know how good they are, although I like the way their stuff looks. If interested, you'd probably have to buy at a restaurant supply place.

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                1. re: ninrn

                  Vollrath has a Made-in-America line called Jacob's Pride. I just got a small ice cream scoop (in restaurant-speak, a disher) from Webstaurant. Even if it's not made in America, the restaurant supply utensils are sturdy. When I open my packages from webstaurant, I always am pleased with how heavy and sturdy they are (and then I think of all the ways I can abuse the gear w/o it breaking or getting ruined!) Oh, and it's so inexpensive compared to Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma et al.

                  1. re: AeroDoe


                    There don't seem to be any Vollrath measuring spoons--except long handled ones, presumably for restaurant use--but this set looks good to me. No note about place of mfg. but I imagine it is China. It seems sturdy, and has lots of good reviews.

                2. I'd suggest just going to your local restaurant supply store. They will have far superior products for a much better price. Any of the one's I've used in a professional kitchen probably cost $5 and you could drive over them.