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Mar 19, 2012 09:01 PM

40th Birthday Dinner

So... I turn the big 4-0 next month and would like to go somewhere special. Any suggestions? Various places I've already been:

Rovers, Le Gourmand, Rainier Club (chef's table), Book Bindery, Canlis, Herb Farm, Salish Lodge, Palisades, The Met, Chez Shea, and probably some that I've forgotten.

I was thinking about another trip to Le Gourmand or Rovers, but am open to trying something new.

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  1. I'd suggest Le Gourmand while you have the chance--they're closing June 2nd.

    1. +1 on Le Gourmand, as it is a now-or-never situation!

      You might see if it is not too late to do a destination dinner and see about dinner (and an overnight there, or somewhere nearby like Bham) at Willows Inn on Lummi Island.

      Sounds like you are a serious eater enough that you would enjoy the hyper-local farm/sea-to-table aproach of the chef, formerly of NOMA.

      An overnight up there would be a great experience. I haven't been yet, but my parent's did, and it was a lovely experience. A very edgy, modern version of Herbfarm.

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      1. re: gingershelley

        totally agree on Willows. We had a very memorable night there.

        are you looking for a date nite place or group of friends?

      2. Hi, Sun195:

        I took Wahine to Rover's for her birthday last month. The food was good, but the quality of the experience lagged far behind the price. Exceedingly restrained atmo, too--not sure how that plays on your 4-0.


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        1. re: kaleokahu

          Haven't been back to Rover's in a couple years. Last two visits our waiter was a large man with a large attitude that totally put us off. I am reluctant to go back because of him.

          1. re: Bethwick

            Hopefully he's no longer there, Bethwick. My bet is others found him objectionable as well.

            Sun, since Le Gormand is soon to be going, going, gone ... I think I would do one more special dinner there. Just my 2 cents ....

        2. Thanks for the good advice. I think I'm going to Le Gourmand before it closes. It sounds like Rovers is a bit spotty lately. I'll have to add Willows to my list, but for another time when I can stay overnight.