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Mar 19, 2012 08:45 PM

Romanesco anywhere

Does anybody know if there is a place that sells (preferably fresh and whole head) Romanesco? The only place I ever see it is in the Trader Joe's frozen section mixed w/ regular cauliflower in a butter sauce. Nova or DC preferred but sometimes I go to the Maryland side.

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  1. In the fall, Wegman's carries it -- I'm not sure if they have it now, but unless you're already planning to go to Wegman's, I'd recommend an advance call to their produce dep't.

    1. I have also seen it in the fall at Whole Foods but it was sort of a one week and it's gone sorta thing. Lois' Produce who is at the Saturday Falls Church Farmer's market often has it in the fall. Oh and I've tried my hand at going it too, got a meager spring harvest and a small fall harvest another year.