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Mar 19, 2012 08:22 PM

Visiting and need a resto for Fish-Veggie only eater for Birthday dinner

Hi SD Chowhounds,

i really need help. Coming in for a conference on Thursday from Toronto Canada and staying near the conference centre (Thurs -Mon). I haven't been to San Diego for many years. I'm arriving with a friend and it is her Birthday while we are there. I don't believe she has ever been to San Diego, so I think going to at least one resto on/or with a view of the water, will be a must on our list. The other factor is that she largely eats vegetarian, with the sole exception of occasionally having fish. I want to avoid restaurants where the only vegetarian dish consists of some sort of salad, although I'm hoping in California this won't be a big problem. I looked at The Fishmarket as a possibility for the celebration dinner, although this would definitely be the top of our price range. All our other meals will have to be mid-range category. We are not renting a car, so will walk or travel by cab.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. have you thought about a waterfront brunch or lunch instead? That may open you up to better dinner options, and be more suiting to a vegetarian.

    Roy's may be another place with a view, and they have a reasonably priced prixe fixe for dinner.

    1. If you choose Fish Market or Top of the Market, give a call and ask if they'll prep a special dish for your friend.

      1. seems to me you have two ways to go. 1. Choose ideal venue (view of water or close to your hotel) then call ahead to inquire about dishes or request something special. Any real chef/management will be responsive to your plight. or 2. Search for best fish places and choose one of those. Good luck, and I'm sure your friend will love anything you arrange.

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          Thanks for your ideas. I will check out Roy's. Will have to sort out a few options for the days we are there, just wanted the Birthday dinner to be easy for her. We may rent a car for the half day that we are free and get further afield. I'd really like to try some of the more local places. thanks for the tips and I'll let you know how it worked out.

          1. re: NorthGourmet

            Urban Solace has a pretty veg friendly menu - it would be a short Cab Ride and they just re did the restaurants interior. I'm not sure it has the view you're looking for, but it will have the food.

            If you rent a car and you really want a view, you could check out Georges in La Jolla. They have 3 restuarants - all have vegetarian/pescetarian options. Sitting on the roof at ocean terrace will be a good bit less expensive than dinner at the modern.

            1. re: Rodzilla

              Thanks for the additional ideas! Went to Roy's last night and as 'out of towners' really enjoyed it.

              1. re: NorthGourmet

                Glad to hear and you're very welcome! Thanks for reporting back :D

        2. Alchemy has a night that they do a vegetarian only menu. Not sure what night that is. Great food, no view, though.

          1. Several people on this board are fans of The Fishery. I have not personally been there, but it receives good reviews. Sea Rocket Bistro would be a good choice. I HAVE been there and loved it. The drawback to Sea Rocket is no view of the water. The Fishery is located in PB so you would be near the water.