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Mar 19, 2012 08:14 PM

kid friendly afternoon Sunday evening birthday meal, Santa Monica??

we're brand new to the city, have a small handful of friends here and it's Husband's birthday next week so wanted to get our small handful of friends together for a meal this Sunday, prob 4 or 5ish. We're living in Santa Monica and since I can't drive thought might be best to be somewhere vaguely walkable (20mins or so? Don't mind getting the bus either) so Husband can drink!

We'll be a party of 8 adults and 4 children (newborn, 18months, 3yrs and 5yrs)...Husband loves a good steak but somwehere that's reasonable, has a lush atmosphere (did I mention walkable?!) and won't mind our tiny tearaways.

Any suggestions at all really appreciated

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  1. Where in Santa Monica do you live, so we can know what "walkable" means?

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      Colarado and 20th, we regularly walk to the beach...

    2. Hmmm. This is tough. I don't think Bizou is open on Sunday, nor is Le Petite Cafe, Daily Grill and Wilshire. Milo and Olive doesn't have steak or a full bar. So now we are seriously walking.

      Bandera comes to mind but I don't think of it as "lush" and/or particularly birthdayee.

      Except that I am not sure about how they'd deal with kids (I mean this as I seriously have no idea one way or the other without any prejudice) you might look at Stefan's at LA Farm. Steak at a reasonable price, full bar, walkable (based on your criteria) and actually open.

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      1. If you're comfortable walking to the beach, head straight down Colorado to the pier and The Lobster ( And I've heard good things about Fritto Misto

        The Brentwood Country Mart (26th and San Vicente) isn't "birthday" fancy, except maybe the Farmshop. but you can grab a table on the outdoor patio and let the kids get chicken from Reddi Chick while you can choose burgers, Mexican, good coffee and ice cream from different vendors. A good locals option for early Sunday evening.

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          There really aren't many kid friendly restaurants in the Westside that have a great steak. LA isn't really a "steak" town. There are some very famous places like Dan Tana's, Mastro's, the Palm etc... but they are very pricey and not for kids (nor walkable). The only places that come to mind that are walkable in SM are places owned by the Hillstone Group - Bandera, Hillstone, and R + D. They are pretty much all the same restaurant but they fool you into thinking you aren't eating at a chain by changing the name and mixing things up just a little bit. Overall they are pretty good and kid friendly during the day but on the weekends and or later in the evening they definitely take on a meat market vibe... Oh - one other place is BOA which is a modern steak house with a slight Asian flair. Avoid Pacific Dining Car, it's where old people go to overdose on prime rib...

        2. Also M-Street Kitchen on Main Street is modern American cuisine so I'm sure they have steak and kids eat for free before 7PM I think. You may want to check if that offer is valid on Sunday. Food is above average.