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Mar 19, 2012 07:56 PM

Sweet Spaghetti Sauce


any chowhounders out there have a sweet tomato/spaghetti sauce recipe you care to share? My hub and I visit this neighborhood place owned and run by a wonderful Scicilan family. Their food is amazing, esp their tasty sweet red sauce-- however they never go into detail about the ingrediants of their homemade sauce other than to say its a family recipe. :-/. So could anyone help a cooking Munki out!

Thank you. :)

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    1. re: todao

      thanks Todao! Any chance if you've ever heard of sauce being made with brown sugar instead of white? Growing up i was never fond of sauces or ragu that wasn't savory but lately I've discovered a whole new slew of sauces used in Italian cooking that have been on the sweeter side. thanks again for the three links. :)

      1. re: Munkipawse

        My family( Sicilian ) would never never put sugar in their tomato sauce .Celery was added to reduce acidity while I've learned that carrot also reduces acidity and adds a subtle sweetness. Growing up the meat sauces had both pork and beef .The pork was often neck bones (not smoked ) pig skin some times stuffed and rolled or pigs feet .Tomato paste cooked first slowly also adds sweetness as well as onions ,basil and a bay leaf .Simmer slowly.

        1. re: scunge

          really Scunge? The addition of certain veg and slow simmering creates the sweet taste? I will give it a try. I just fell in love with a sweeter sauce after trying it and now a more savory sauce has become a distant memory... ;-). Being Sicilian Scunge, do you prefer homemade sauces more than jarred?

    2. I'd use white sugar for it's neutral flavor. Wine and carrots also add sweetness.
      Many people add a bit of sugar to their spaghetti sauce, so don't feel alone in your taste for it.