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Mar 19, 2012 07:15 PM

Layover at Dulles 5pm - 9pm

Looking for somewhere to have a nice sit down, possibly ethnic or steaks, don't mind spending a little bit. Tysons corner?

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  1. Thats a very tight window considering Dulles security line, the distance between Dulles and Tyson given DC traffic

    1. The timing will indeed be tight. Herndon/Reston might be your best bet. Hama Sushi is decent and has the benefit of being fairly fast and right off the toll road. (2415 Centreville Road Herndon). Reston Town Center has a Ruth's Chris, a Morton's, and the outstanding Passionfish. You would need to let all 3 of those know about your time constraints.

      Dulles has improved its security lines tremendously, but I still leave myself a good 90 minutes thanks to some hour-long security line experiences.

      1. I wouldn't risk the departing flight. Dulles has been improving the options available. Below is a link to a more complete list, but there's Harry's Tap Room, Gordon Beirsch, and Matsutake. There are a couple of others on the list I have never heard about but sound like they would be interesting to peruse on a layover.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          I'm one of those guys who always arrives way too early for his flight.

          Matsutake Sushi on Concourse A serves food court style, but the sushi chef is very good.

          Vino Volo at Gate C3 is a high-end place, always packed with first-class type passengers.

          Gordon Biersch at Gate D12 is not a fancy atmosphere but the menu is great.

          1. re: GraydonCarter

            Vino Volo was closed last time we were there, but it must have been a temporary thing because IAD is still listed on its website. In that case, I'd recommend it to the OP with the caveat that my judgment might have been clouded by a flight of champagne prior to a Valentine's Day trip to Paris. :-) It's not cheap, though, but you know, nothing in an airport really is.

            And I'm with the others, don't bother trying to leave.

        2. I wouldn't bother. That's not enough time. If it was Reagan, it'd be doable. But Dulles? Just hang inside the airport.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            Right, and I was thinking if you got a cab ride over to Passionfish in Reston, you could be having dinner pretty quickly, say by 5:45, but when you are done at 7:30, you can't catch a cab on the street, so it would be a gamble on calling a cab to come pick you up in time.

          2. Stay inside Dulles - it's not worth the possiblity of missing your connection (due to sudden long lines to get back through security or inability to get a cab in time, etc.). Buy something to read, have a meal at one of the previous posters' recommendations, and enjoy being relaxed vs totally stressed out trying to get back into the inner security sanctum!