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Mar 19, 2012 06:56 PM

Can I freeze this marinade ?

Hi all. Last night I made the Halal cart-style chicken and rice from Serious Eats. It was great and it'll be part of our regular rotation forever !

The marinade is lemon juice, fresh oregano, olive oil, ground coriander and garlic. I have a huge bunch of lovely fresh oregano, and I'm thinking about making up a big batch of the marinade mix, and freezing it in single-batch portions. I wouldn't add the chicken until after I thaw the marinade out.

Do you think this marinade would freeze well ?

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  1. Absolutely. I think it would freeze very well. Enjoy!

    1. Not sure. Why not dry or freeze the oregano? It is an herb that dries well.
      .... I just googled "freezing marinades" and it looks possible. Freeze it in recipe-sized portions.

        1. It is certainly safe to do that, but I suspect the flavors will lose some of their punch over weeks or months, especially the lemon.

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            I agree with this. Fresh lemon and lime juice both lose a lot of potency shortly after they're squeezed. I think your marinade will be fine, but I suspect it will lose a lot of tartness when it thaws. Also, heating lemon juice causes it to lose a lot of zip as well, so depending on how you thaw the marinade, you may be denaturing the acid.

            Which may be fine. But it will probably be less tart.

          2. I freeze similar marinades and sauces all the time with no discernible difference from fresh. The oregano will probably wilt, similar to what would happen if you left the marinade in the fridge for a few days, but the taste should be great.