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Mar 19, 2012 06:49 PM

Summer Visit to New Orleans - Feedback Sought

I am going to New Orleans this summer on business and bringing my junior high daughter with me. I would like to introduce her to New Orleans cuisine and culture in addition to my business plans. Any feedback on my choices or suggestions on my possibilities would be greatly appreciated.

Lunch - Parkway Bakery - I'm not trying to start a Po' Boy debate, but I want to take her for a Po' Boy and they seem to have one of the best.
Dinner - (Possibilities - Jacque-Imo's, Bourbon House or Dante's Kitchen). I want something that is good Creole cuisine, but not quite as expensive and formal (saving that for Friday)

Breakfast - Cafe du Monde - My wife has talked so much about beignets that there is no avoiding this.
Lunch - Mr. B's Bistro - (Open to other suggestions) I love gumbo and want try to theirs.
Dinner - We have to be out in Metarie that evening. My plan is Drago's.

Dinner - Possibilities are Arnaud's (My wife and I went there last year and had a wonderful meal - from Shrimp Remoulade to Cafe Brulot), Galatoires, Emeril's or Pelican Club. I want to take her to one elegant, formal dinner with all of the Creole classics. I'm open to other suggestions.

Lunch - We will stay out in Metarie before heading to the airport. Considering Galley Seafood or Bozo's.

Thanks for your help in advance. Will report back after our trip.

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  1. Out of your choices for Wednesday dinner, I'd choose Dante's Kitchen...For Thursday lunch at Mr. B's, be sure to get the BBQ shrimp...For Friday dinner, go to Brigstens.

    What are you doing for lunch on Friday? I'd suggest Green Goddess or Cochon Butcher if you want downtown, or Commanders Palace or Boucherie for uptown.


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      We are already committed for lunch on Friday. What are your favorites at Dante's Kitchen? Why Brigstens over Galatoires? Thanks for your thoughts.

    2. Sounds good, and I will second Dante's.

      Now, Cafe Du Monde is great, but is really not a breakfast place. I would not scratch it, but you might consider the following for breakfast, and keep CDM for "after the theater... "

      Original Coffeepot - was once called Maxie's Coffeepot
      Stanley! - great breakfasts
      Camillia Grill - have not been to the FQ location, but just did my first CG trip - post-K, in River Bend, and all was great. Except for a change in staff, what I remembered.

      For formal NOLA cuisine, I have two suggestions, and one has been mentioned:

      Galatoire's (Note: I have had lovely meals at Arnaud's, but then, there is Galatoire's)

      Just thinking there.



      1. Skip Mr. B's and reserve Commander's garden room for lunch. The gumbo and turtle soup are excellent. A truly NOLA experience sure to be one of the highlights of your visit.

        We dined at Dantes about a week ago. Entrees ordered were the pork steak confit, servedd with very vinegary greens, redfish on the 1/2 shell, topped with lump crab/fresh herbs...rather
        pedestrian, well cooked, mildy seasoned. While the herbs made a pretty garnish tossed with the crab, they overwhelmed its delicate flavor. Chicken under a brick was far and away the best entree. Although it lacked crispy skin, it was moist. and tender with a lovely maple flavor. Three of us ordered the shrimp/grits appetizer. Three very small, well seasoned shrimp atop a bowl of creamy grits with gravy. A good dish but honestly, way too much grits and far too few/small shrimp. The other app was a selection

        of sliced meats. Side order of duck fat smashed potatoes was disappointing. Just my 2 cents, but crispy
        outside would have been a big improvement.

        Brigtsen's would be a a much better choice. Have an all appetizer meal, they are terrific.

        Consider Dick and Jenny's or Cafe Atchafalaya instead.

        Best bet at Parkway is the shrimp poboy. Dragos for chargrilled oysters and crab salad (enough to share). Everything else is merely ok. Bozos for stellar oyster poboys. Galley for softshell poboy.

        Elegant dinner with creole classics...Galatoires.

        Bon Appetit!

        1. I think a junior high school girl would get a kick out of Jacques-Imos, but Dante’s would be a good choice too.

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          1. re: shanefink

            I agree with shanefink. Jacques-Imos is great for folks who can let loose and enjoy themselves and would be fun for a teenager as well. It's awesome for people watching. And the food is great. If you're out in Metairie - Drago's is very good, I am slightly obsessed with Martin's Wine Cellar - they're food is delicious; it's a bit casual (no table service) but it's pretty reasonable and they're really nice. We usually go for lunch and I get the Sena Salad which my be my favorite salad ever.

            Atchafalaya is my favorite brunch spot and Cake Cafe is my favorite breakfast spot; Oak Street Cafe is a close second.

            Elegant dinner - I love Clancy's & Patois They're both uptown so you will find a lot less tourists. Also, Sylvain has consistently blown me away food-wise and that's in the Quarter. Oh, and the wildcard is Martinique - my husband & I go there pretty often when we have date night. It's super small but the food and the service are consistently impeccable.

            1. re: ktroia

              Oak Street Cafe is closed? Wow, I am saddened to hear that. Good memories.

              Thanks for the update,


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                No no. Oak Street isn't closed, I said it's a 'close second'. It's still open and they've got live music most days so it's a great relaxing spot!

                1. re: ktroia

                  I wanted to report back about our trip to New Orleans. I would have to admit that Mother's po' boys are much better than Mother's. The Surf and Turf po' boy was really outstanding. We ate a Drago's one night because we were out in the Kenner/Metarie area. The meal was very good. It would not compare with the better restaurants in the French Quarter, but it the oysters, other shellfish and desserts were all good. We had lunch at Mr. B's Bistro in the quarter and that was quite a treat. The Gumbo Ya-Ya is the best gumbo that I have had in New Orleans. It was a very good meal. Then we had dinner at Arnaud's and were simply blown away. Potatoes Soufle, Shrimp Arnaud, Black Drum Ponchatrain, Bread Pudding, and Cafe Brulot made for a wonderful evening. I have been to Commander's before (and was not disappointed) and a few other places in New Orleans, but Arnaud's will be one a place that we go back to next time. Thanks for those who helped with their suggestions.

                  1. re: ktroia

                    Sorry. my bad. I must get to the optician's for new glasses.

                    I apologize and thank you for the correction.