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Mar 19, 2012 05:48 PM

Easter dinner out or catered

Based on suggestions received here, friends and I went to L'Andana on Saturday evening. Dinner and service were impeccable.

I now come to you, oh wise readers of Chowhound, seeking more wisdom.

On the off chance you could not cook dinner yourself,

- Where would you take a party of ten for Easter dinner?
- Who would you call to have dinner catered?

Location or caterer should be between Nashua and Burlington.

Thank you,

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  1. My family and I have frequented Montvale Plaza, 54 Montvale Ave Stoneham, over the past several Easters Sunday's. They have everything from omelet stations to carving stations and everything in between. They have two sittings and sell out quickly so don't miss out. I believe it is $30 per person. Their number is 781-438-8858.

      1. Not my first choice, but to accommodate the elder in the group we went to Cafe Escadrille. They don't offer anything very exciting, but they do a good job for what they are. They are not usually open on Sunday, but open for Easter. The place was packed.