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Mar 19, 2012 05:35 PM

Favorite Falmouth restaurants

I would like to hear from anyone interested in restaurants located in Famouth on Cape Cod I recently visited Landucci's in the Falmouth Inn because the restaurants on Main Street where jammed. We were pleasantly surprised.
We sat at the bar in n the lounge area where the locals hang out. The bar staff is friendly and efficient and I saw the owner/chef stick his head out of the kitchen to greet guests a couple times. For starters, the martini's are perfect and a great value, too! The cheese and cracker appetizer was a meal in itself with aged Italian cheeses for $10. Soon the warm bread arrived with a delightful oil, garlic and black olive paste that I could eat all night long. The wife orders chicken saltimbocca and I go for the eggplant parm - the basics. We could have just split an entree but we like to have leftovers to bring home for lunch.
Summary- food was great and an excellant value. Staff was friendly and effeciant. And, my business was appreciated. I'll go back.

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  1. Lawrence's was IT in Falmouth for decades, but sadly, it's no more.

    Paul's Pizza is the local hang, and makes excellent bar-style pizza.

    1. Osteria la Civetta - for authentic Tuscan style food. Best on the Cape. No Veal Parm here, but homemade pastas, great sauces, very authentic. Glass Onion gets many good mentions although haven't been myself. The Clam Shack right at the beginning of the harbor for fried seafood. Go before July 4 when the prices go up.

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        I'll second La Civetta--very authentic, although I would say leaning more toward Emilia-Romagna than Tuscany. I've only been once (at the suggestion of Cape Cod Guy) but thought that the food was great and will definitely be returning.

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          Yes, Lawrence's brings back memories, doesn't it? A true neighborhood restaurant located if Falmouth Heights. They had a nice backyard patio to dine in.

          I agree that Osteia La Civetta (translates to pub/bar of the little owl) is superb. They use organic ingrediants in their preperations. I happen to know that the owner shops at the local farmer's market for th freshest produce. The chefs go back to Italy annually to train or switch places with Italian chef;s who come to work in Falmouth. There is an intimate bar area and sometimes the bartneder will play his mandelin for you. How romantic!

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            Just had a second visit to La Civetta--my husband and sons took me there for dinner on Mother's Day. The boys promised me that they would help me finish if I ordered the four-course Mother's Day special. Started with a very delicate ricotta sformata with a simple tomato and basil sauce. Next was trofie (an unusual pasta choice, because trofie is distinctly Ligurian, but delicious) with arugula pesto. Roast pork followed with roasted potatoes, then coffee semifreddo for dessert. Even my boys, who don't like coffee flavors, were fighting over tastes of the semifreddo.

            I had just returned from 3 weeks in Italy (!) and this was the first dining out experience since arriving home where the food tasted right to me. I think I'll be heading down to Falmouth more often.

            Thanks again to Cape Cod Guy for steering me there.

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            I stand corrected. Emilia-Romagna is far more accurate.

        2. I was surprised to have received a very servicable lunch at the Casino in the Heights. Of course, it helps that they have a wonderful outside deck overlooking the water and the beach, but it was worth a visit. Not sure I'd say the same if I dined off-season and inside.

          1. Landucci's is an excellent value! And when you don't want to take a second mortgage out, to go have dinner, its a good choice. It can be hit or miss however, and recently closed for a month. Renovations? Doubtful!.........Here is my rec, off the beaten path (horrible location), hidden gem,(trip advisor has them as falmouth's second best restaurant), Quahog Republic,The Dive Bar. Friendly, consistent, fun, quirky menu choices and food that i couldn't make at home. It's more than a burger joint, imaginative food pairings, like the Aussie burger with a fried egg and beets on it. The weekly special menu has had the "581", a three minuite egg wrapped in ham rolled in panko deep fried served with a side of hollindaise sauce. Corned beef and cabbage eggrolls with grainy mustard dipping sauce. The menu carries the standard cape fare, chowder, lobster roll, salads, fish and chips, which in IMHO knocks it out of the park! And the house Bloody Mary,(I am not much of a tomato juice or vodka fan), is out of this world. The vodka is infused with poblano peppers, garlic and sun dried tomatoes,served with a perfectly seasoned tomato juice mix, topped with three olives and a piece of applewood smoked bacon, sublime. Not a date night destination, but a good old, "I rember Cape Cod When..." type of place.

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              I haven't tried Quahog Republic since they moved from Bourne,( which was awesome) so I am happy to hear about the new digs. I am going to try it the next time I go out. Thanks.

              BTW, Landucci's ws closed for a month because the owner forgot to renew his liquor license and it took a month to get it approved again.