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Quebec City for the weekend, recs?

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Hi all!

I'm going to be in Quebec City for Easter weekend with my girfriend. We are both mid 30's. We are looking for some recommendations for a couple of dinner's, and breakfast/brunch also.

We are staying at the Delta. We are coming from Toronto.

Any good dinner recommendations? Quebecois fare would be good? We don't like it TOO rowdy, but a somewhere with a good/unique atmosphere, or just somewhere fairly romantic for dinner and a decent bottle of wine? We will eat anything, so aren't scared of trying anything different or unusual. Entree's around $20 to $30 maybe?

And also any reasonably priced brunch within walking distance from the hotel (15 minutes or so away is ok)? A greasy spoon type place, or just somewhere with a good brunch!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm bumping my own thread as I'm guessing Quebec City questions don't get many responses?

    I've narrowed down a few options:

    Le Lapin Saute seem interesting for dinner?
    le moine echanson seems reasonably price?
    Le Cochon Dingue has some good reviews, but the website makes it looks like a really generic mass produce place.
    Le Echaude looks like a good brunch.
    Pain Beni, but I'm not usually a fan of a restuarant in a hotel, unless this is really good?
    and Le Clocher Penche.

    Any comments on any of these? I'm hoping these are pretty good places!

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      Your comment about Cochon Dingue is pretty accurate. We ended up there one evening because Le Billig was closed. It was ok, but a fairly pedestrian experience. We returned to Le Billig the next night and had a wonderful meal. We also enjoyed the Hobbit Bistro on St. Jean, which is right down the hill from the Delta.

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        I would guess the main reason you haven't gotten responses is because the subject has been covered many times in the past few months - if you do a search of this board, you will find several threads discussing all of the above-mentioned restaurants, as well as many others. Should answer all of your questions.