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Mar 19, 2012 04:39 PM

Can anyone recommend bistros near Park Hyatt on Rue de la paix for Saturday?

We are looking for a casual place for lunch (group of 7 persons) within walking distance to the hotel. Since we are arriving that morning, we don't want anything too "heavy". It is my understanding that many places are closed on the weekends....I prefer not to eat at the hotel....this will be our first meal so I want it to be preview of what is to come.

We have reservations for the coming week at Chez L'Ami Jean, Dourant, L'Absinthe, Dans Les Landes and plan on eating at Cafe Constant.

Thank you in advance for the suggestions and/or advice!

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  1. If you want a real lunch, Les Fines Gueules
    If you want charcuteries&cheeses with a glass of wine, Le Rubis.
    Both are not far.
    How did you find the restaurant called Dourant?

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      1. re: Parigi

        Thank you for the suggestions. I came across Dourant from another blog and it looked promising. Will be there for Sunday lunch.

        1. re: spicynutmeg

          Now we guess you probably mean Drouant, not Dourant.

          1. re: Parigi

            yes, sorry for the confusion.....

      2. Goumard, on rue Duphot. Good luck with seven at Cafe Constant.