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Mar 19, 2012 04:34 PM

Any Kosher restaurants open during Pesach in London?

My son and I will be in London during the intermediate days. Are there any restaurants or take-aways open in London this year?

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  1. Try this link:

    La Fiesta is the only proper restaurant on there.

    In recent years, Dizengoff in Golders Green has been open for Pesach (Sephardi Kashrut Authority). It may be too this year.

    I believe Let's Meat is also open this yr during Pesach (SKA too) - but this is in Borehamwood so on the very northern outskirts on London - you'd need to get a train from Kings Cross to reach it.

    Otherwise we don't have a great selection open during Pesach. There are only a few kosher restaurants in Central London, and they are never open during Pesach.