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Mar 19, 2012 04:33 PM

Dal Pescatore or Osteria Francesana

Trying to choose between these 2 restaurants for our splurge in June. I have read reviews on both and need some help before making reservations. Also, do husbands need coat and tie?

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  1. It would be helpful if you could mention in what city these restaurants are located. I am guessing they are in Rome, but I am not sure. There are restaurants with the same or similar names in a number of cities & towns in Italy. Thank you.

    1. Sorry ~Dal Pescatore is in Mantova and Osteria Francesana in Modena. Dal Pescatore says elegant dress and not really sure what attire is required for husbands.

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        Id say a respectable jacket and non-athletic shoes at a minimum would be recommendable, which of these restaurants to choose really depends on your taste - more experimental/molecular gastronomy or more highly polished regional, city of country (Dal Pescatore is in deep country, not in Mantua town) There was just a very favorable report on Dal Pescatore here - suggest you look for it.

        looking forward to comment from others.

      2. Plufmud: so how things went? I went to Dal Pescatore couple of days ago but was frustrated for having missed Osteria Francescana (I was too exhausted and had to cancel).