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Mar 19, 2012 04:01 PM

Great pizza in Truckee - where?

We're headed to Truckee tomorrow, actually skiing at Sugar Bowl but I figure Truckee would be best bet for dinner? am I right. We have our kid with us so would love to find a place that does great but original pizza. I'm not thinking thick cheese and tomato rather original mixtures of toppings. Does that exist locally or should we head somewhere else for dinner. My husband a vegetarian so we need somwhere that will give him some options too

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  1. At Kingvale, the exit before Sugarbowl, there is a small family owned pizza place, Donner Pass Pizza. Everything is made from scratch and the toppings are all fresh. Also, soups and salads and S'mores dessert pizza. They're closed Monday & Tuesday, but you could try calling. Read the Yelp reviews for more info.
    Donner Pass Pizza
    Kingvale exit

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      Area code 415 is SF bay area. Yelp list them as:

      53102 Donner Pass Rd
      Soda Springs, CA 95728
      (530) 567-2300

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        Thanks - apparently they are closed - any other suggestions , maybe we'll have to settle for soemthing besides pizza!