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Mar 19, 2012 03:51 PM

LC signature line v. LC classic v. staub-oh help me buy a new 9 qt. oven!

LC classic-cheap option. Despite misuse LC has offered 75% off. :) But...they came out with a signature line with stronger enamel...after G-ma ruining the enamel with one hot pot of spaghetti, I wonder if the older enamel was not as durable as it should have been. ???? Really has made me leary of investing in the classic again.

LC signature-interesting...will the new enamel really be stronger/resist stains? Hubby thinks I should wait to see how this new line holds up.

Staub-black interior...not a huge fan of that. Heavier...don't like that either. Could get past either of those things if it will be more durable than LC, but I do wonder about the warranty-LC's customer service was great...anyone have any insight on Staubs?


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  1. It's a well known fact that relatives can ruin any piece of cookware no matter how durable. I would purchase a new LC classic (you really can't go wrong) and hand Grandma a stainless steel pot the next time she suggests she cook a meal. You may get handed back a piece of slag with a burnt-on crust... But at least it will be cheaper to replace.

    LC can last more than a lifetime if treated right, so there really is nothing to be leery of as abuse can be avoided.