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Mar 19, 2012 03:42 PM

Greenville to Asheville--where to eat along the way? Plus Asheville itinerary help.

We're spending a long weekend in Asheville, via Greenville airport. I think we are going to stop at Chimney Rock on the way up. Is there a place to stop along the way for a lunch? We like Bistro or brew pub type of places. But really, any place that is tasty is fine with us.

So far, we plan on visiting the Asheville Brewing Co, Curate, and French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Still researching other choices.

We are staying in West Asheville. Other than Sunny Point Cafe, not finding a whole lot of options. Any good places for a late beer/nightcap?


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  1. We like the ribs at Huntin' Camp BarBQue on US 25 north of Travellers Rest. Yes, better than 12 Bones. They have a website.

    Lots of references to Flat Rock Village Bakery on here. We stop whenever we can.

    The Admiral is in West Asheville; reservations neccessary for dinner but you should be able to get in for a drink later. It my understanding that most of the West Asheville folks have moved
    on from The Admiral to the DeSoto Lounge just down the street for $2 PBR's.

    And the difference between downtown and West Asheville is 5-10 minutes depending on where you're staying. Nothing is more than 15-20 minutes max from any one place in the city to another.

    You might want to specify Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA in the heading since there's also one in NC.

    1. Hi Sara-

      For your trip from the airport, if you go up Hwy 25, you should stop at Flat Rock Village Bakery. It's fantastic. My husband would respectfully disagree w/ Mr. Wilson below. The Huntin' Camp is near my house and we would eat there, except that my husband checked it out and said it was really bad.

      As much as I love Flat Rock Bakery, though, your fastest route to Chimney Rock would probably involve I26 rather than hwy 25. In that case, you could try Stone Soup in Landrum SC, just off the interstate, but check to make sure they are open. Or, not far off the interstate is Wildflour bakery or Purple Onion in Saluda NC. Again, check hours.

      Now, while I'm being contrary, let me say that I can't think why you'd want to go to Asheville Brewing Co. The food is not special and neither is the beer. Pisgah, Wedge, are better beers and you can find lots better restaurants discussed on this board.

      I agree w/ Mr. Wilson about your location as well. I doubt your hotel is walking distance to the area where the bars and restaurants are in West Asheville (correct me if I'm wrong). Given that, there's no need to limit yourself if you have to get in the car anyway. W. Asheville is like 2 miles from downtown. Anyhow, Universal Joint is popular for drinks on the westside.

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        There's also a new spot, WALK (West Asheville Lounge & Kitchen) across the street from The Admiral in the old Rocket Club building. I've only been there once, but it would work pretty well for late night.

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          I agree w/ danna - skip Asheville Brewing and hit up Wedge in the River Rts District instead. Especially on a sunny day, it is a great place to sit outside with a flood of locals and enjoy the day with a cold beer in hand. Nearby is the Junction and White Duck taco for good food. You will love Curate and Sunny Point.

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            Thanks for the honorific "Mr." but Tom works fine.

            I'd be interested in another opinion on Huntin' Camp; I noted it in a post or two before but yours is the first comment other than mine. What didn't your husband like about the place? Oh, and we usually do takeout on the ribs and don't normally sit down & eat.


            1. re: JTomWilson

              Hey Tom - I'm pretty sure he got bbq and sides, not ribs, so perhaps he missed the camp's forte.
              btw, have you eaten at the desoto lounge? is that the place that does some ethiopian cuisine?

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                Yes to Ethiopian; I'm pretty sure that it's on their website (Just looked, it's on Tuesday night!). I've been trying to talk my wife into trying it but no success so far. I'll post something if we get over there.

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              A quick note to report back about our trip.
              Flat Rock Bakery was a GREAT recommendation. We had a salad and one of the pizzas. It was more than enough for two to share. The town was also great--we stopped in a few shops. The drive from GSP airport to Flat Rock was scenic.
              We had dinner at Curate and Cucina24. Both of which I could highly recommend. Curate was as others have said on this board. The only flat note was dessert. Cucina gets mixed reviews on this board, but we had a great time. The wine list is all Italian and a bit expensive. Service was a bit casual (our waiter kept saying "boom!") but attentive. We liked all our courses and found Wall St nice to visit.
              We tried to go to LAB, but some how ended up next door at Southern. By the time we realized the mistake, we had already ordered beers. Would not recommend Southern.
              Sunny Pointe, as expected, probably was our favorite meal. Only had to wait about 15 minutes for 2 on a busy Sat morning. Had lunch at Corner Kitchen on the way to Biltmore and it was just okay. Brunch at The Grove Park Inn was decadent, if a bit expensive.
              Thanks again for all the great recommendation.

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                so glad everything (almost) worked out for you! thansk for reporting back. boom! (hilarious)

            3. Thanks for all the good advice! Not sure if I should start a whole new subject, or just stick with the thread...

              Here's the plan so far, plus some more questions.
              Thurs: Flat Rock Village Bakers and Dupont State Forest.
              Fri: Tupelo Honey (?) and Lexing Ave Brew?.
              Sat--Sunny Pointe, Cucina 24
              Sun--Brunch at Stoney Knob.

              Now, still a few questions....
              --Is Tupelo south okay? It fits our schedule and I like that they have reservations. But would hate to have a mediocre experience.
              --Best Brewpub/bar food downtown? We will be finishing a Segway tour and will be looking for brews and bar food. burgers, snacks etc and casual. LAB seems to have a good reputation. Wedge and Pigasah seem to be more beer, less food.
              --Can't get a good read on Cucina 24 on Chowhound. The menu intrigued me.
              --On Sunday brunch, we will be taking a disabled family member. Stoney Knob seemed well reviewed.

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                I would go to Junction for brunch instead of Stoney Knob. We had an amazing brunch there last weekend, no wait, there is a ramp if they are in a wheelchair with plenty of space. Just my opinion. Tupelo south is very good. LAB is pretty good - Jack of the Wood is another good choice. Haven't been to C 24 in forever because for that price point there are more "wow" places in my opinion such as Curate, Zambra, Limones, etc. if you want Italian I'd definitely look also at the new Strada - we ate there on Thursday and had a great experience. You'll love Flat Rock and Sunny Pount - be prepared for a wait at both of those unless you're going at a slightly "off" hour.

                1. re: SaraPA

                  We went to LAB almost a year ago now and our visit wasn't that great. We all loved our drinks but the food was less than stellar. We were starving by the time we got our food. And it was a touch on the salty side for me with my sliders. Hopefully they have improved by now.

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                    I think you're getting off to a great start! YOu'll love Flat Rock and the waterfalls at Dupont are truely worth the trip. I think the South location of Tupelo Honey is just as good as downtown so if that fits your schedule, it's a good idea and the wait will be MUCH less.

                    I think you're correct that the Wedge and Pisgah are about beer, not food...but the food at LAB is pretty bad, IMHO. I understand that you're just looking for bar food, though, so it might not be that bad of an idea, especially given how heavy a Tupelo Honey lunch might be. It has a nice bustleing atmosphere right there on the street. You could also head over to 5 Walnut , a cute wine bar that also has nibbles and beers from different local vendors. It is actually within sight of LAB.

                    Cucina 24 I found hit or miss, but haven't been there in several years. Stoney Knob I went once and disliked. It's not in Asehville, BTW. Ms.Piggy has a great idea, the JUnction seems like a better choice to me by a LONG shot. The owner there is SO nice, the other day I was a few minutes too late for lunch and the kitchen was closed. He gave me his card and said to call him in the future and they would hold the kitchen open for a few extra minutes. How's THAT for customer service.

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