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Mar 19, 2012 03:11 PM

Favorite Deep Fryed Chicken Wing Recipe

I fry quite a lot of wings at home, and Im always looking for a different sauce or marinade recipe to try. Anybody have some go to standbys that are a little different?

First....lets get one thing straight :)

Breading a wing should be reserved for buttermilk marinated fried chicken, not "buffalo" style chicken wings, those are best done naked.

Some of my favorites are ...

Traditional Buffalo style (of course) with just hot sauce and butter.
Raspberry Chipotle: raspberry jam, bbq sauce, hot sauce, chipotles, and a little butter.
The Neelys Buffalo Wings recipe. It uses a lemon pepper marinade with a similar Buffalo style sauce.
Parmesan Garlic: parm cheese, chopped garlic, melted butter.
Hot BBQ: Shaken in BBQ sauce, grilled til sticky and slighly charred, then shook in straight hot sauce.

For those from WNY, Ive also been toying with a Chiavettas marinade/sauce combo (for those not from WNY, its a local vinegar based marinade/sauce). Where I marinate in Chiavettas, deep fry, then shake in a combo Chiavettas/Hot sauce mixture.

Hit me with some of your favorites. I look forward to trying them.


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  1. I like to marinade the wings a day or two in green onion, garlic, ginger, wine and a little soy sauce.
    For the coating, butter and Rooster sauce.

    1. There's a Chinese/Thai place I've been to in the past that served their wings coated in a combination of flour, rice flour and curry powder.....very crispy and tasty.

      1. I love a mojo marinade followed by a roll in a mixture of crushed panko and seasoned flour, deepfried until nice and crunchy, then glazed with a sweetened thickened mojo.

        Then, there's the Soy Vay marinade, a roll in sesame seeds, a dip in Tempura batter, and a serve-up with ginger dipping sauce.

        Here's a fun switchup: marinate them in good blue cheese dressing overnight, give them a roll in flour, fry 'em up, and serve with buffalo dipping sauce.

        Chicken lollips, made with the the drumsticky joint. I don't remember if it's the first or second joint. Anyway, you take a sharp paring knife, and starting at the bottom, scrape the bone up towards the top, all the way around, cutting the meat and pushing it upwards to form a lollip shaped piece. These are nice marinated in an oil/vinegar/herb(s) of choice marinade, fried and served with a garlic aioli for dipping.

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          Mamachef, what do you like in the mojo marinade?

        2. Thai style: deboned, filled with mix of chicken, ground pork, grated ginger, garlic, etc., deep fried without breading.

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            that sounds amazing, care to share the recipe??

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              Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe. I just order them at every Thai restaurant that offers them. The suggestion is just a combination of my favorites. No coating like from Bangkok Cuisine in Haltom City, TX, plenty of ground pork like Maile's Thai in Honolulu, etc. I would mix the ground pork with grated ginger, cilantro, maybe a little mint. Some places add glass noodles as filler. I would start with the ground pork, add what you think you'd like, fry a little ball, taste, add more stuff, fry and taste another ball, etc. until you have whatever tastes good. Then fill the deboned wings with your stuffing.

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                That's my favorite too, at my favorite restaurant, Thai Pot.

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                    Small town, in Northern California called Sebastopol. It's been there at LEAST 20 years, and it is sublime. simple, and perfect in every regard. If you're ever in the area, don't disregard it!!

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                I just googled "recipe for Thai stuffed chicken wings". The first thing that came up was a youtube video, then many, many hits to choose from.