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Mar 19, 2012 03:06 PM

Hole in the wall seafood joints in Charleston??


My friend and I are doing a girls' trip to Charleston during the middle of June. We're definitely foodies, and thanks to the boards, I think I have an idea of most of our upscale choices, but we'd definitely like to find some yummy joint (preferably with outdoor seating) where you can just slap down some brown paper and go to town on yummy crabs, shrimp, and whatever else.

We're from Northern Va. so we've both grown up eating crabs by the there some place similar in Charleston to get amazing seafood without all the fuss? We're staying in the historic district and would prefer to have something close by, but if it's worth the drive, we'll make it so.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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  1. There are four.

    Dave's is a takeout within walking distance of the HD.
    It's carry out only, and fabulously delicious. Pick a spot to have a picnic.

    Bowen's Island out on Folly Road is a local institution. Signage is minimal, so have your co-pilot on high alert.

    The Wreck in Mt Pleasant is also hard to find. It gets mixed reviews here, but it has fresh local seafood right on the shrimp boat dock. Check out this post:

    The Seewee, north of Mt. Pleasant on Highway 17, looks like an old roadhouse because it is. Great fried food and homemade desserts.

    We don't have the proliferation of blue crabs that you have in NOVA. Go with the local shrimp, which will be in season then. Have fun.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Thanks, Sue! These look great...quick question...I'm drawn towards Bowen's Island but do you think it's worth the drive in June, when oysters are out of season? Or am I wrong about that...

      Thanks so much...I'm also salivating for a Dave's picnic.

      1. re: Annetastic

        It's always worth a drive out there! It's on a beautiful lowcountry creek and the sunset is stunning. Sure, it's always better during oyster season, but I think it meets your criteria. Go, get some local shrimp and see what you think.

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Sue, have you ever tried Fishnet Seafood out in far West Ashley? That's the one hole-in-the-wall seafood place in the Charleston area I haven't yet been to. You could say I haven't met Jesus yet...jesus crab, that is!

          1. re: mikeh

            We have been to fishnet a couple of time.The fish and shrimp are great.The "jesus" crab a letdown as it came out of a big box shipped in and stored in the walk in freezer.They will cook anything in their counter for a $2.00 charge.You don't see that every day.Plan to eat in your car.

            1. re: mollybelle

              Another thought.

              As much as I love the local oysters,I think the local shrimp are the bread and butter of the seafood dives.I'm thinking BI,Pearlz,Dave's,Fishnet,and maybe on top is the Wreck,Sweetness with a little snap and even crunch!

              I'll probably get only one more shot at local oysters this year and daughter #1 is graduating in May,so an end to the oyster care packages!But life is good!

            2. re: mikeh

              Yes! mikeh, I have! And when I was there the the first Jesus crabs weren't out of a box. So funny, the son was there, fixin. He won't say "Devil".

              I had to go to Savannah for 3 months for some job, and I stopped there all the time. It rocks.

        2. re: Sue in Mt P

          Sue, I had lunch at The Seewee last fall - great foodie joint. Good to see it get the SiMP stamp of approval.