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Mar 19, 2012 02:48 PM

Eating good overnight in Vegas

This is gonna be a goofy question, but i'll ask it anyways.

I recently retired from 22 years in the US Air Force. I've got a new job with a contractor overseas for a year but i'll be home for two weeks between thanksgiving and christmas.

my question is this..... since my body clock is going to be so messed up (the time difference will be 10-11 hours) I'm going to be wide awake at 2am. is there anywhere in town that i can get a good meal late? Warning - if you mention IHOP or Denny's, i'm probably going to punch you right in the face.

stay classy, my friends.

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  1. Well the Peppermill is a Las Vegas institution (haven't eaten there for 30 years) and is open 24 hours. Tje Grand Luxe cafe at the Venetian is also open 24 hours and serves pretty good food for a Las Vegas coffee shop. Raku is supposed to be really good and closes around 2 or 3am - so if you can just persuade your body clock to get out of bed a couple of hours early . . .

    1. 2nd that emotion for Peppermill. Food is solid, generous servings. Total old school Vegas with the server getups. Love it!

      1. CENTRAL BY MICHEL RICHARD is a brand new restaurant in Caesar's which has fine dining 24/7. I haven't heard much about it and wish there was some more info on these boards but I have seen him (he's a celebrity chef) on Food Network.

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          I have to think really hard for something positive to say about Central. I've been there a total of three times and to say that I've been totally disapointed everytime would be an understatement. It's little more than a diner with horrible service and vastly overpriced entrees. The waitstaff can't answer basic questions about food. Food often takes 40+ minutes to come out of the kitchen when the restaurant is only a third full. The servers rarely refill drinks and do not attend to the needs of the table. The worst part is that the managers that I spoke with all three times that I've dined there weren't even capable of correcting our problems. The only nice things that I can say about the place is that it's right next to the valet station so manuvering through the casino is unnecessary and the hostesses are competent and easy on the eyes.
          If I've come across as overly harsh, please know that I don't have a bone to pick with them. I'd just like to let others know what they might encounter if dining there. Online reviews seem real hit or miss and it appears that many others have had similar experiences to mine.

        2. Are you talking fine dining good, or delicious good? The secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan is open late and very very good. I've also heard good things about the Wicked Spoon (either the Cosmopolitan or Aria, I can't remember) which is open all night.

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            The Wicket Spoon is the Cosmopolitan buffet and closes at 9pm or 10pm depending upon the day. The Henry is the Cosmopolitan 24 hour restaurant.

            First Food inside the Palazzo by Barney's is open until 2am. It's not bad but I'd probably just go to the Peppermill.

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              The secret pizza spot in the Cosmopolitan is open past 3am, maybe even past 4am and is surprisingly good.
              Many non 24 hr restaurants stay open until 2-3am, so you are fine if you can get out for a meal by about midnight.
              Plenty of places in Chinatown open late/all night. For late night Vietnamese, I like Pho Kim Long (really, that's the name) on Spring Mountain and Wynn. It's open 24 hours and has a large selection of both Vietnamese and Chinese food. Up the road a little farther is Cathay House which is open until 5am. Fantastic HK style food and limited dim sum made to order anytime.
              Lots of all night video poker bars and they all serve food. Some of them do it quite well, lots of them just serve stuff that is delivered frozen and tosesd in the deep fryer though. It depends on what side of town you'll be in. On the south side by Henderson I like Black Mt Grill, among others. In Summerlin, the Chicago Brewing Company is pretty good.

            2. Not sure where you are staying, but Lucky's 24/7 is excellent at the Hard Rock Hotel. Cannot go wrong there for any type of food. I have eaten many many meals there in all states of mind and fatigue and have rarely, if ever, been disappointed.