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Mar 19, 2012 02:29 PM

Komex Fusion Express?

Today is one of those days where I am trying to find any excuse I can NOT to get things I've been randomly surfing around the net. It started with a craving for twice-cooked pork, which is something I can only eat when DH is out of town (he doesn't eat pork and doesn't really like Chinese food anyway...). There is a little Chinese take-out place near my house that is ok, but no twice-cooked pork on the menu. So while searching on the web for other places I happened to come upon a mention of this place: Komex Fusion Express. This Mexican-Korean fusion place (think Korean tacos, but in a restaurant instead of a truck) gets a lot of good reviews on line and in the Vegas Weekly etc. Its in a neighborhood I'm sure many hounds don't visit often (Decatur just south of Washington)....but that's close enough to work that I could probably make it there on a lunch hour assuming I wasn't too busy that day. The prospect of bulgogi tacos was enough to make me head on down there this evening...until I noticed they are closed Mondays.

So I decided to see what the hounds have to say about the place, but my search turned up empty. Not too surprising, after all this Vegas board seems to cater to tourist suggestions, and I doubt many tourists will end up at the corner of Decatur and Washington:-) But I thought I would ask anyway: any of you been there? Thoughts? Anyone who might want to have a chowdown lunch or after-work early snack with me to check it out some day, let me email address is in my profile. I just might head there Wednesday, since that seems to be the day of the week I'm least busy:-)

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  1. you had me at "bugogi tacos". sounds yummy.

    i spent two years in south korea in the service and loved it. i haven't been there, but it really sounds worth a try. thanks for the heads up.

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      We dined there during our October trip and I am looking forward to returning ASAP. The restaurant is super busy and I have read that the owners are looking to expand into a 2nd location. Here are my notes and photos from our dining experience:

      This small, but popular Korean/Mexican restaurant, is located on Decatur Blvd. The staff was very friendly and offered to take our order while we waited for a table. Our fried wontons, 4 per serving and costing a mere $1, were good, but totally unnecessary since they were preceded by complimentary house made chips, salsa and guacamole. Our order of 4 barbecue tacos (2 pork, 1 chicken and a beef) came with cilantro, cabbage, onions and kimchee, the latter being optional. Each was very good to excellent, though next time I would skip the beef in flavor (sic) of the pork or chicken. Along with our check we received an orange cut in segments. ($10, 4 Forks out of a possible 5)

    2. I'm up for this, if you're still interested.

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      1. re: SteveTimko

        Definitely Steve!! Just let me know when....We could do a progressive lunch some afternoon...start with tacos there and then head down to Mull's Road Kill Grill for some ribs!! lol!!!

      2. Steve T. was in town, so we decided to finally check out Komex. Wish I'd gone sooner! We arrived for lunch at 11:30; a good call as the place definitely filled up. The bulgolgi tacos ARE to die for (gotta disagree with the poster down below who preferred the chicken and pork to the beef...both of us agreed that the beef shined...). Even better than the tacos is the "tostada": it uses a pressed rice patty instead of the tortilla...and is piled high with cabbage, kimchee, onion, cilantro, and tons of that beef. Be sure and ask for salsa...they have a collection four varieties including both Mexican green salsa and a fusion version with sirachi mixed in....delicious! We started out with the fried wontons....also delicious with a pork filling that reminded me of the filling in the wontons in the soup I remember so fondly from many dinners at the Silver Dragon restaurant in Oakland during my youth..(I noticed won ton soup on the menu; I must try it to see if it comes close to that favorite soup of my memory...). One thing about the wontons I really liked: they were small but had as much filling as wrap; always a good thing...

        Komex is a block or two from my DH's favorite weekend hangout (the Habitat for Humanity thrift store..), so in his honor I tried one of the tofu tacos (mainly so that I could convince my favorite non-meat eater that a stop there after home repair bargain hunting was worthwhile...). I'm not a huge tofu fan, but it was delicious (tofu was light and perfectly fried, with all the usual goodies piled on). Steve pointed out he had noted a shrimp taco on the menu, and since DH will eat seafood I can see many weekend return trips...I also tried a pork taco: pork is good, but the beef is better....tender and perfectly spiced.

        Lunch for the two of us with the wonton appetizers, three tacos each, a shared "tostada", two iced teas, and a Mexican Sprite (I guess Steve wanted to make sure he was well-hydrated in the Vegas heat:-) was 19 bucks before tip. I was still stuffed hours later. Check it out!

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          KoMex was a great meal. I liked the chicken, the beef and the pork but the beef really stood out. The fusion tostada was excellent. The beef was flavorful and there was an excellent blend of ingredients, all working well together. KoMex is highly recommended to other Chowhounds.

          1. re: SteveTimko

            Well I was able to give this a try.

            Found it very good and interesting.

            Had the Kimchee Fried rice with Spicy Pork and Beef rice plate.

            More then enough food for three large eaters.

            Prices was good.

        2. Was able to go to the new upgraded Komex number 2 today. Food was good as always but place is really a upgrade Seating for about 40 people.

          Food took a longer to get to the table.

          On Flamago and S Buffalo behind Walgreen

          4155 S Buffalo

          1. I have eaten here and found that it was very good. Its location leaves a little to be desired, but the food can't be beat.
            I enjoyed the bulgogi nachos on my first visit and I look forward to trying something new next time.