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Mar 19, 2012 01:48 PM

Ngon Bistro Virgin

I am going to Ngon Bistro for the first time this week with a group of 4. Any can't miss dishes that we need to try? I would like the best from both the traditional and the new cuisine menus. I am very excited to try Ngon. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I usually get the rib eye pho or the tofu noodle salad. They're both excellent. But I ALWAYS start with the shrimp egg rolls, which are the best egg rolls I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Light and crispy, super flavorful, usually not greasy at all. Yum. I haven't tried any of their non-traditional options.

    1. We always get the rabbit dumpling appetizer. Its a bit hard to cut into 4 pieces and its really tasty so you might want 2 orders.

      Sadly, I have only been there only about a half dozen times, mostly for lunch. I can vouch for pork tenderloin bahn mi with sweet potato fries and the special pho. I have also had a dinner entree with sea scallops that was very good and generously portioned. Dang, I need to get there more often for supper. As of now, I have always had really good food and service at Ngon.

      1. Rabbit dumplings and croquettes are my favorite appetizers. Their Pho is very good, but is not available if you will be sitting outside.

        I'm fond of their pork products generally.

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          Agree with The Crispy Rabbit Dumplings. Also you can never go wrong with the locally sourced Fisher Farms Pork or Thousand Hills Anise braised Short Ribs.

        2. The mussels and sweet potato fries with sriracha aioli are awesome - especially with a Belgian-style beer. For a smaller app, I like the rabbit dumplings, too. I've been very pleased with the fish specials (from the fusion part of the menu). And the chilled noodle salads (bun) are on my regular rotation.

          Have a lovely meal!

          1. Be sure to have some wonderful local beer there. Ask about what's available on cask, and what the beer specials are. There's usually something you won't be able to get most other places....