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Mar 19, 2012 12:58 PM

Breakfast in Fairfield County

Looking for a good breakfast/brunch spot in Greenwich or Westport, CT (or elsewhere in Fairfield County). Price isn't really an issue.

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  1. My favorite spots are all small and moderately priced: Rosie's (New Canaan), Valencia Luncheria (Norwalk) and Nicholas Roberts (Norwalk). The first 2 can get crowded quickly, and are difficult to manage with large groups. None are fancy. All have well-prepared, creative dishes.

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    1. re: SteveSCT

      Agreed with Steve. Great bunch spots, particularly Nicholas Roberts. Yum.

      1. re: mla19

        Went with the wife sans kids yesterday AM and agree. It definitely lived up to the hype. We already spied different dishes that we both need to try next time in.

        And the Double Bourbon Chocolate Torte for dessert at 11AM was specgoddamntacular!

          1. re: razkel

            NR Bistro.

            Wife had the Shrimp and Avocado Club.


            I had the Ralph without evil mushrooms.


    2. On Greenwich Ave. you can have brunch at Versailles which is cute. If you are looking more upscale, go to Tarry Lodge off of Exit 2 or L'escale at the Delamar Hotel. Westport, there is Splash, Artisan in Southport or Blue Lemon.

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      1. re: taboo

        Second l'escale, very Parisian.
        For American with a twist, City Limits off Exit 6.

        1. re: taboo

          Versailles in Greenwich is indeed cute--French bistro-ish but friendly, even to a woman with a toddler. I think it's gotten a bit better in the last year or so. I haven't been to Splash in a while because we so dislike it--big, load, crass, show-offy food that doesn't deliver. The location is nice, though. If we're in Westport we prefer Tavern on Main. Somebody below recommends King's in Newton--we second that recommendation. For a lowdown breakfast in Westport, we're fans of Tommy's diner at the train station, with a nod to Tommy's special (basically eggs benedict with spinach) and their homemade Greek yogurt.

        2. It's a shame there aren't more suggestions here. The "food traffic" for Fairfield County has taken a nosedive ever since chow eliminated the TriState board.
          Anyway, for pancakes I'm a big fan of the Blue Bird Inn in Easton (on Rte 58). Great fruit & nut pancakes.

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          1. re: foleyd7

            I have not been there, but how about Chips in Fairfield. Everytime I drive by it looks busy, known for there pancakes. Not too many brunch places around anymore.

            1. re: razkel

              Not a huge fan of Chip's in either their Orange or Fairfield locations. It's basically a diner with average food that happens to promote their pancakes. I'd actually rather go to Cracker Barrel for their pancakes; I prefer their texture, and they offer real maple syrup.

              We've enjoyed the Sunday brunch buffet at Splash in Westport, but it's been a couple of years since we've been.

              1. re: plien69

                +1 on Cracker Barrel pancakes- they are outstanding, and served with real maple syrup, unlike Chip's or most other places. I only go to Cracker Barrel for dinner though, or at weird times, because the wait time for weekend breakfast is ridiculous!

                We are unapologetic in our love for the Sunday buffet brunch at the Greenwich Hyatt. DH eats an embarrassing amount of raw seafood, i drink Mimosas, everybody's happy!

                Just outside of Fairfield County, in Milford, is our fave breakfast place- The Corner- unique, quirky, inventive, delicious, and CASH ONLY.

                1. re: JenJeninCT

                  I should have mentioned in my earlier post that my wife is a fan of the Greenwich Hyatt brunch as well. It's easy to be a glutton there, because there is a plethora of high quality items, particularly the seafood.

                  But avoid it on big days like Mother's Day. There is too much demand for the pleasant atrium, so most diners are shunted into the crowded ballroom, and the experience is diminished.

          2. May be too far for you and definitely not a fancy meal, but I adore breakfast and brunch at Kings in Newtown.

            1. Nicholas Roberts has some of the best food around, for lunch, dinner and especially for breakfast (every day). He uses top notch ingredients and knows how to cook! Flavorful and inventive food, with every detail attended to to make it the best. Even his lemonade or Arnold Palmers are the freshest, with fresh blueberries dropped in. Only downside is no espresso drinks, which is what propels me to go to my other favorite: Sono Bakery. NR has the better food, though. Also love Valencia Luncheria. Chocopologie is good but with quirky hours. Unfortunately, there are very few decent breakfast choices in Fairfield County, but these are stellar.