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Mar 19, 2012 12:12 PM

What's Going In Your Garden Now?

The weather is starting to warm up here in NE NC so this weekend, we mowed the lawn, weed eated and tilled the garden. I still had kale, collards and other mixed greens which had to come up first. I'd already planted green peas a week ago & over the past few days, I added more peas, onion sets, butter lettuce, and broccoli and I've started poblano & bell peppers and tomatoes in containers for later transplant. I have a space approximately 26 x 12 ft which will end up being about 8 rows give or take. This year, we've decided to make a separate plot for the melons, which frees up space for something else in the main garden. Working on my gardening chart so that I know what to put out when something gets harvested; it's mild here most of the year so I can get two planting seasons if I time it right. Over the next couple of days, I plan to add cabbage & cauliflower. What;s going in your garden now?

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  1. West Central GA here. We seem to have skipped spring (and mostly winter) here an moved straight to summer.

    This past weekend, planted potatoes and peas and set out cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants. Have lettuce and onions growing in containers on the deck.

    1. At the end of May I'll be planting the garden as our winters are very long. It is snowing like mad at this very moment! So for now I will be content to salivate over my gardening catalogues. I live in northern Alberta.

      1. I'm in central NC, but working with containers on my balcony so I have a little leeway with temperatures. I took a chance and planted seeds in mid-February. So far, so good, but I am worried it is going to get too hot for the usual spring vegetables. I have lettuce (romaine, will cut leaves for baby lettuce), turnips, beets, radishes, carrots, peas, and broccoli. Everything sprouted and is growing nicely. I'm planning to build a few small earthbox knock offs and plant peppers (1 hot, 2 sweet), tomatoes, and eggplant in late spring/early summer. I'm hoping to squeeze in a third planting in late summer/early fall with more lettuce and broccoli.

        1. Here in coastal MA spring has truly sprung... garlic shoots are a good 5-6 inches high, rhubarb is peeking out of the soil (I just applied a good bit of composted manure to each for a little boost), over-wintered kale is starting to send out tiny shoots, and perennial herbs are sprouting, including chives, oregano, thyme, and tarragon.

          For the first time I can remember we actually planted peas (English, snow, and snap) on St. Patrick's Day (the traditional time for around here – what's not usual was that it was upwards of 70 degrees), along with radishes, Pak Choi, and Arugula.

          Will be planting onions soon, and a pot of peas just for pea shoots.

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            Just north of Boston...I went crazy last month and planted radishes, peas and lettuces in mid-February during a warm spell. All but the peas are sprouting up. Sorrel is almost big enough to pick for a salad; rhubarb, chives and garlic are about where yours are. Thyme is rampant. I have a rosemary shrub in a pot that survived the winter, in a sheltered spot outside my back door.

            My new apricot tree and (relative to the apricot) old peach tree look almost ready to bloom. No movement on the new plum tree yet. Buds on blueberry bushes are swelling.

            I am poring over my seed packets, thinking about what I can risk putting in next! It's a crazy year.

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              Us too. I'm guessing from your name you live in Wyoming? I'm about an hour from Evanston, WY in NE Utah.

              1. re: UTgal

                Yep. We lived in the Bridger Valley when we were first married, way back in '81. First two kids born in SLC. We were 2 hours from our house to the Marie Callender's (I think on Foothills).
                We've had a freakish spring, 60's, 70's, then snow (which is normal), back to high 50's today, maybe a bit of snow, and then more warm temps coming up.