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Mar 19, 2012 11:57 AM

Help me choose....

I have never been to Chicago and would like a vibrant restaurant with great food. I am trying to choose two restaurants for dinner on a Wednesday and Thursday in May.

This is my short list:

The Gage
Purple Pig

Which two would you choose?


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  1. Hub 51 is good but nothing special, great lively place to grab/dinner drinks if you're in your 20's and want to bar hop after though. Gibson's I don't find worth the $ or the hype..yes I know it's a Chicago institution or whatever but there's much better steaks to be had in this city IMO.

    I'd go for the Purple Pig and Avec out of those options.

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    1. re: PHXeater

      What steak places would you recommend? Both higher and lower price points.

      1. re: katbri

        I don't know of steaks with lower price points except the Brazilian steak house chains like Fogo de Chau or Texas de Brazil.

        I would recommend David Burke's Primehouse and Chicago Cut Steak House for the best steaks in town and whose prices are pretty much in line with Gibson's.