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Catered Crepes for a Party?

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Is anyone aware of a caterer or crepe chef for hire, someone who would be at an event and make crepes to order, preferably with a cool looking crepe stand? I am looking for someone to do just this for a graduation party in June.

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  1. You could check with Meritage. They have a crepe stand outside the restaurant Tues and Thurs weather permitting. Not sure if they would cater it out or not.

    1. La Belle Crepe in Minneapolis says that they offer catering at their website.

      La Belle Crepe
      825 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      1. What a great idea! Hope you find someone and report back.

        1. Thank you for the ideas - my friend is going to pursue catering through La Belle Crepe - the prices seem reasonable for the event [HS graduation open house] and so far they have been extremely pleasant to deal with.

          1. I realize this is too late for your need, but wanted to mention that there is a crepe food truck that I just discovered on Sunday in St. Paul at the corner of Grand and Snelling in front of the Stoltz Cleaners - Marie Antoinette Crepes - with the creative tag line - Let Them Eat Crepes! She has a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mar... I have to say, I'm surprised I've not heard of this food truck before. Should there be some Chowhound licenses revoked? :) Anyway - on to the crepes...

            She had a nice selection - a few savory options, several sweet options and a few beverages. She has two griddles going at a time and she makes the crepes fresh (which is the only way to go IMHO), so if there's a bit of a line it's a slight wait, but worth it, I think. Hubster had a nutella banana crepe and I had a raspberry champagne preserves with Ghiradelli white chocolate sauce crepe. She literally sliced up a fresh banana for the hubster's crepe. Both were served with whipped cream.

            The crepes were quite tasty and as I said, a fresh crepe is the only way to go. She made us miss our favorite little crepe stand in Paris, but I do have one criticism. She serves the crepes in a hard paper basket like you'd get a burger in at a fast food restaurant and with a plastic fork. I get that it's a food truck, but this is not ideal for eating really hot crepes. The insides get all melty as does the whipped cream, which I love, but it's hard to cut on a paper basket that's also hot because of the fresh crepe and with a dull plastic fork. My suggestion would be that she wrap them in tinfoil like they do in Paris so you can eat them with your hands. Would probably even save her some costs and is a whole lot easier to eat. In any event - definitely check her out. She's the only crepe food truck in the Cities and she goes to different locations regularly.

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              >>I have to say, I'm surprised I've not heard of this food truck before.
              >> Should there be some Chowhound licenses revoked? :)

              Or at least an investigation. :-) There are a TON of new food trucks this year, but not many Chowhound reports, especially for the St. Paul-centric trucks. Maybe we're all overwhelmed. I know I am...

              Our best source of info is tcstreetfood's awesome twitter feed, along with the lists and maps at mspdtreetfood.com For reviews on some, see HeavyTable.com. (They have all noted the new crepe truck.)




            2. How about an update? Did the crepe/graduation party take place yet? How did it go?

              1. The graduation party took place last week and was a great success. My friend was really pleased with La Belle Crepe and it all worked out great. They were able to adjust portion sizes [a slightly smaller crepe] so that the line kept moving and no one had to wait too long. Everyone loved the idea and it went great. She would definitely work with them again.

                Thank you for all the ideas and posts!