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Mar 19, 2012 10:53 AM


What do youguyss think of of this joint???

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    1. re: A5 KOBE

      a5 kobe, where would you go for this type of homestyle izakaya?


      1. re: kevin

        I usually go to Kokekokko in Little Tokyo. It is about ten times better than Furaibo, yet mostly every place is tens times better than Furaibo as far as food goes. I think the ribeye steak was the only thing I like at it was pretty pricey for the portion. Fried rice is okay. Basically everything there is just ehhhhhh.

    2. great value on katsu, katsu curry, fried chicken, yakitori bowl...dishes in 6-8 dollar range usually including soup and salad and rice. if really hungry the katsu plates in chicken or pork are massive.

      1. I think its a fun place to go with a group, drink and pass around some good pub food. It's not fine dining but I go there more than any other Izakaya because of the atmosphere.

        1. I found some good reviews online - and I tried it and wow. Underwhelming? I kinda thought it sucked. Maybe I didn't get the right things - but the menu came with a lot of fried chicken. I love fried chicken but this might be the worst fried chicken I've ever had. Too dry. Nothing about the seasoning was memorable. Cheap. Will never return. I would consider this place one of the Dogs of Osaka.

          1. The one time I went here the fried chicken was so dry and overcooked that I thought I might have been "whited". It was almost as if they had re-fried an old serving of fried chicken..

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