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Mar 19, 2012 10:27 AM

Nobu - does anyone still go here?

I am being taken out to Nobu for dinner. At one time very difficult to get into and had a great reputation. Now it is silent. Any reccomendations for outstanding dishes or drinks I need to get.

105 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

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  1. Sure, plenty of people still go there. I've been going ever since the original opened up. You really do need to know what to order because if you order wrong, you can have an expensive not so good meal. I always start with the yellowtail and jalapeno. Make sure you get a leaf of cilantro with each piece (assuming you are not a cilantro hater). Then there are the kumamoto oysters and seafood tacos. Oh, the tuna tartar with the wasabi blast is something else I love. I'm not a fan of the tiraditos or new style sashimi. Stay away from the salads as I find the dressing to be way too salty.

    For hot dishes, you have to try the miso cod. I know its everywhere these days, but you should try it from the place that created the dish. Also like to have the miso eggplant to go with this. Sea urchin tempura is outstanding. Only disappointment is its so small. Then there's the rock shrimp tempura in creamy spicy sauce. I could eat a a giant bowl of this stuff. One of the best things to eat in NY. Sometimes when I go, I order this before we have even gone over the menu to come as a pre-appetizer. There's wagyu beef served by the ounce and in dumplings. Its ok but I prefer the seafood. I suggest you not order sushi. Its ok but for the price, there is better stuff elsewhere.

    105 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

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    1. re: Bkeats

      Right on the money Bkeats.
      One can eat well at Nobu, but a plan is necessary.
      And watch out for those bamboo saki tubes; the cost adds up with startling speed.

      1. re: Bkeats

        I have been to Nobu a number of times with work, and can vouch for Bkeats recommendations -- spot on. The yellowtail w/ wasabi, the tuna tartare w/ wasabi and the rock shrimp are all must haves. I also enjoy the wagyu and the sea urchin. Some of the sushi is very good, too. But if you stick to Bkeats suggestions, you will be eating very well -- and enjoying it.

      2. We went with a group of 6 in November. It was our friends choice for his wife's birthday and my CH snobby side kept thinking it was going to be awful. I was wrong, it was great.

        As Bkeats mentions, there are certain things that really are good there...rock shrimp tempura, miso cod, yellowtail with jalapeno, tuna tartar.

        We pretty much did family style so we tasted a lot of things. I am not a fan of the "squid pasta" since I don't like squid, but that has been one of their signature dishes too. We had Kobe beef sliders which were delicious, creamy spicy crab (my friend was was with us loves this, I didn't love it). We had a few more dishes, can't really remember them now and finished up with a small amount of sushi, not because we were hungry, but just because why not. It was good, but nothing outrageous...agree again with Bkeats, expensive and no better than other places.

        105 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

        1. Went here for dinner and thanks to all the folks who provided suggestions.
          Started with a few cold dishes;
          oysters - good but small
          Yellow tail and jalepeno - excellent
          tuna tare tare - good
          Fluke- the best thing that hit the table all night.
          For the hot dishes we had;
          Miso glased balck cod - good
          Sea Bass in black bean - better
          Rock Shrimp - excellent but a little heavy on the sauce.
          beef skewers - good
          ended with a few house specialty rolls - also good
          All in all a good meal but not one I would travel back for. The bill adds up quickly and the service was disjointed. The fluke was the standout.

          1. We.. it's an old thread, but I just came back from Nobu.
            It has been awhile since i was there. I as going to do ala carte, and throw in a King Crab tempura, as i usually do when I go.
            Tonite I got the highest price omakase they had, $150.
            Some creative cold dishes such as blue fin tuna with peccorino cheese shavings, then a few hot dishes such as wagyu beef and assorted mushrooms to be cooked on a hot stone. I haven't had the hot stone thing since Sushi Roku in LA. After those you get 5 pieces of sushi. Yes only 5. The fish was fresh. Had Otoro, Saba, Kin Medai, Engawa, Mirugai.
            I was still hungry and ordered 2 more pieces. I ordered uni sushi, and unagi. They charged extra for those two pieces.
            The staff was attentive. The sushi chefs were very friendly and creative. I hate that they don't use fresh wasabi.
            Dessert was interesting, a frozen lichee , raspberry and an almond nougat.
            Overall, it took care of my sushi craving, it was convenient. The food was good.