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Mar 19, 2012 09:20 AM

Great Dinner at Roots Summit

Was there last night.

Started with the special lobster oreganata appy, which was not worth $31.00 but was quite delicious.

We then ordered the NY Strip Steak med rare along with two sides. The steak came out on the med to med well side, but tasted good so we decieded to eat it. The waiter came along to check on how everything was and when my wife showed him the steak, he immediatly called over management who, incredibly, removed not only the steak, but both sides from the table. They replaced the ENTIRE MEAL, (we actually changed our steak to their cowboy steak), sides included. The replacement steak was out of this world good and perfectly cooked to med rare. The sides once again were fresh, hot, and outstanding.

This restaurant takes serious pride in what they're serving and how they're serving it. This was an excellent experience in a sea of mediocre restaurants. Roots in Summit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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  1. Always nice to hear when a restaurant does the right thing. Glad you enjoyed it.

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      Last two experiences at Roots in Morristown were similar experiences with highly attentive service from both waiter and managers.