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Mar 19, 2012 08:38 AM

Charleston rez critique

Hi everyone! Coming down to CHS 4/13-4/17. It's our first visit and we're excited to experience the happening culinary scene. Please critique our current restaurant itinerary and let me know what else we may be missing. We're looking for authentic, unique places, generally less than $40/pp (unless it's a special occasion kind of place). I'd also love to hear any specific dish recs (i.e. the fried catfish at XX is incredible).

4/14: Husk for dinner (no lunch plans, but I'm thinking we'll want to eat light that day?)
4/15: Tristan for jazz brunch (no dinner plans)
4/16 FIG for dinner (no lunch plans)
4/17: no plans!

Cru Cafe and Amen are on my to-try list, if we're in the neighborhood. I grew up in MD, so I love fresh seafood.

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  1. All of your choices are great but very popular so make reservations if you haven't. It's a busy time.

    You'll be in the Cru and Amen neighborhood. All these are close together. Cru has a nice porch. I like the General Tso's chicken.

    Also look at Anson. SOOO good. Their shrimp and grits (which you must get at least once while you're here) is at the top of my list. I also like those at SNOB and high Cotton.

    Walk up upper King Street and check out the fun places up there.