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Mar 19, 2012 08:18 AM

Pulled Pork in a Romertopf?

I have been mulling over the idea of doing pulled pork sandwiches instead of ham for Easter this year. Since I don't have the means to properly barbecue a pork shoulder, I will slow roast it in the oven.

I don't own a proper dutch oven, and was thinking of just using one of my larger pots. Then I realized I do own a clay pot. Could I do a slow roast in a clay pot?

How low should the oven temp be?

Should I add water to the pot, or will the steam from soaking it be enough liquid?

How long? The standard 6 hours, or more or less time?

Any suggestions would be welcome - even those that say I'm better off just borrowing a dutch oven.

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  1. I don't know anything at all about cooking in a clay pot but you don't particularly need a dutch oven to cook a pork shoulder. most any sort of 9x13 baking/roasting pan will work just fine.

    1. I started using an old-fashioned blue enamel, white-spotted roasting pan years ago. A oval rack was placed in the pan. A 8 to 10 pound pork shoulder was placed in it and covered. It was roasted for about 7 hours at 275 degrees F. The roasting process was done overnight because the oven in our home of which were 2nd owners didn't have working electronics. We did not want any of the cooking facilities in operation when we were not home. I would put the roast in at 11:00 p.m. and take it out at 6 in the morning. I'm by nature an early riser. Letting it cool for a while, I then pulled the roasted shoulder by hand.

      We have updated the kitchen in the last decade, but we still roast the pork shoulder overnight. It works well for us.

      Next I made a thin BBQ sauce with a little spiciness to it. The pulled pork was then bathed in the sauce before making sandwich with crusty rolls.

      Buona pasqua e buon appetito!

      1. I've made many Romertopf recipes and I think you certainly can cook your pork in the clay pot. What I've done, for example, is marinate a 2 lb. pork shoulder over night in a plastic zip lock bag... this was a semi-dry, sticky well seasoned rub. When you're ready to cook take the meat out of the fridge, remove the meat from the bag, soak the pot and cover, add the meat to the pot, place in a cold oven. Set the temperature for 275F cook for about 3 hours turning 3 times. Make sauce with the juices by adding water (or wine or stock), bring to a boil in the pan and scraping up all the fond.

        Can you do a test roast before The Day just to get your timing right since I don't know how big your roast is or what your sauce consists of? I have found the Romertopf doesn't need any liquid as a roasting pan would. An alternative would be to make your BBQ sauce while the roast is in the oven