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Mar 19, 2012 07:53 AM

Chorizo sausage

Anyone know where I can purchase Chorizo sausage in the mid-coast ? Supermarket folk keep telling me Chourico ( Portugese sausage) is the same thing ---- really ?? Nooooooo. Any help ?

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  1. As someone of Portuguese heritage, I feel your pain. I love chourico, but it ain't chorizo. I've had this issue as well. Not sure why chorizo seems so difficult to find anywhere in New England. Do you have a Whole Foods anywhere near you? They generally have one or two brands of chorizo for sale (as well as chourico). Good luck!

      1. Mexican Chorizo or Spanish Chorizo?

        1. Have you tried Sweets & Meats in Rockland? If she doesn't have it, she would likely be able to procure it. Or Morse's in Waldoboro...just picked up some Serrano ham this past weekend...

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            Thanks all.

            No luck at Morse's. I will be in Rockland today so I will try Sweets&Meats. Thanks MCM.
            There is always plan B, the internet.