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Chorizo sausage

  • DaBear Mar 19, 2012 07:53 AM
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Anyone know where I can purchase Chorizo sausage in the mid-coast ? Supermarket folk keep telling me Chourico ( Portugese sausage) is the same thing ---- really ?? Nooooooo. Any help ?

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  1. As someone of Portuguese heritage, I feel your pain. I love chourico, but it ain't chorizo. I've had this issue as well. Not sure why chorizo seems so difficult to find anywhere in New England. Do you have a Whole Foods anywhere near you? They generally have one or two brands of chorizo for sale (as well as chourico). Good luck!

    1. Skip whole foods. Drive to Lisbon Falls: http://www.sausagekitchen.com/

      1. Mexican Chorizo or Spanish Chorizo?

        1. Have you tried Sweets & Meats in Rockland? If she doesn't have it, she would likely be able to procure it. Or Morse's in Waldoboro...just picked up some Serrano ham this past weekend...

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            Thanks all.

            No luck at Morse's. I will be in Rockland today so I will try Sweets&Meats. Thanks MCM.
            There is always plan B, the internet.