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Mar 19, 2012 06:25 AM

Bar at the NoMad

Got to sample some drinks and check out the space in the bar at The NoMad. The cocktail menu has about 30 "specialty" drinks which all sound incredible, it can be a bit daunting but the bartenders do a great job of guiding you to what you would like. The space, especially the bar, is very nice, rich tones and dark stained wood. Also nice tall communal tables to stand at, I think it will be a great place to grab drinks. The restaurant area you pass through to get to the bar is nice and the glass pyramid is a really cool touch. Looking forward to trying the menu soon.

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  1. Just a quick update but first a quick disclaimer, GF and I were at restaurant as part of "Friends and Family" but we are in no way affiliated with the restaurant or hotel.

    That being said, the restaurant at the NoMad is fantastic. A lot of the items listed on the menu will conjur up memories of EMP but the execution is more approachable while still retaining all the finasse. Great listing of "Snacks" for a fun way to ease into a meal. Apps and Mains are generous. Service was very very good for a restaurant still in it's infantcy, better than many well established places. I don't want to say too much but I strongly encourage you to go. This will be the place for high end food without high end prices. Still a little expensive? mebbe, but not when taking into consideration what you get for your money.

    1. Thanks for the update; I assume the cocktails were good?

      I would expect some great drinks there, given that Leo Robitschek of EMP is overseeing the program AND Jessica Gonzalez of Death & Company is the head bartender.

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        Oh yes, some excellent drinks, Satan's Circus was a favorite. Leo is a humble super star and Jessica makes it a dynamic duo.

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          Our favorites were The Repossession, Elefante, and Hot Lips