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Mar 19, 2012 01:37 AM

Vegetarian options in Iowa City?

I'll be spending my vacation next month to come check out Iowa City and visit my best friend who is a resident at the University of Iowa Hospital. We're both residents in internal medicine, which means we mostly eat reheated hospital food, coffee and odwalla bars. I'm a foodie, she isn't, which is why I'm coming to you guys for help. I may be vegetarian, but I'm in love with cheese and I'm ready to taste the heartland! Would appreciate any help making an itinerary for my trip to Iowa City.
We're open to any kind of food! Except meat, haha!

Veggie from Texas

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  1. IC is very veggie friendly. I left four years ago but was quite fond of Red Avocado.

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      If I am not mistaken, Red Avocado lease not renewed by owner and they plan to bulldoze the building (if it hasn't been done already). Red Avocado owners seeking to get another space and have asked for some help from the city.

    2. Masala and Exotic India offer pretty good Indian Fare. There are also very good veggie options at Orchard Green, Devotay and Lou Henri's all have pretty yummy veg fare. There are multiple noodle houses that quite a few options also.

      1. Red Avocado has been bulldozed. Most places are veg friendly. I like Oasis falafel for casual middle eastern, mekong for vietnamese. Spendier spots to try are Devotay and Lincoln Cafe (30 min out of town). Lincoln has a small menu, look at the web page and maybe call before going to see how they can accommodate your diet.

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          Thanks!!! Been looking at devotay's menu, looks fun! Any pizza recs?

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            As for pizza in IC, you may as well start with the very best and try Wig and Pen, which is really a tenant of neighboring Coralville on The Strip. My recommendation is to build your own Flying Tomato veggie. If you click on the link, the Eastside location takeaway link actually gives you better info and prices. You also could try Pagliai's downtown which year after year wins the "favorite pizza" contests in IC. Falbo's ,Sam's and The Sanctuary are very good. On the north side near I-80 is Bob's Your Uncle, and that is top notch as well.


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              Wig and Pen is good if you want a thicker crust and lot's of cheese (really good with a hangover). Pagliai's is my favorite - they have a thin crust. Plus, Pagliai's is totally old school - the pizza makers are all in the front window wearing white paper hats. Dine-in or carry out only and they only serve pizza, no salad, no cheese bread and if you want parm bring your own. Sanctuary has a great atmosphere, last time I was there the food was underwhelming (but nobody ordered pizza) - they have a great beer list if you are into that it's definitely worth checking out (as is the beer room at John's Grocery).

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                You Know, I'm still a big fan of the Wedge, plus you can easily have a ton of vegan options if that interests you.

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                  My favorite pizza in Iowa City is at The Sanctuary, which is an eclectic restaurant/pub ...

              2. I also just remembered there's Fair Grounds Coffee, the entire menu is vegetarian.


                1. You can also check out the New PIoneer Coop and Bread Garden. New Pi has a great veggie burrito that I eat just about every morning, and some really yummy veggie sandwich options with tempeh, etc. I am not a vegetarian, but I always order a veggie sandwich from there because I think the way they combine ingredients is really interesting. I'm not sure about Bread Garden's veggie choices specifically, but they have a steam table and salad bar, so it's generally a nice place to hit for a casual lunch. I like their cous cous salads. Breakfast there is pleasant also as you can pick up a small portion of eggs, french toast, etc. at exactly the quantities you need. Both places are also grocery stores, so you can pick up food for those days you're not eating out. Oh - and both places are definitely the place to go to scope out local cheeses.

                  I do think most places here are will generally have a couple of decent veggie options. Other restaurants with good food you might want to scope out online to see anything if appeals to you are Atlas, Heath/126/moonmrakers, Short's burgers (black bean burgers, but I haven't tried yet), Leaf, and Stella's.

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                    Alright guys, itinerary is April 8-15th, here's the tentative list:
                    What do you guys think?

                    Java House- for coffee
                    Thai Spice- for pad thai!
                    Red's AleHouse- looks fun
                    The Wig and the Pen- for pizzzzzza
                    Heyn's Ice Cream- for ice cream
                    New Pioneer Food Coop- for cheese and picnic stuff, pre-picnic.
                    Devotay- sounds fun
                    Oasis- for falafel
                    Motley Cow or Bluebird

                    1. re: veggiedoc

                      Motley Cow! Definitely. (Maybe not their brunch, though, which is a buffet and a little less loved than their dinner options.)

                      1. re: ctscorp

                        I'd vote Motley Cow also. I don't know the Wig and Pen's pizza yet, but really ilke Pagliai's. Thai Spice is ok, not too bad, but not as good as some of the stellar Thai places in Chicago for example. I would do takeout there - the restaurant does not have good ventilation.

                        Hope you report back with your impressions.

                      2. re: veggiedoc

                        This is a good list. I live in the SF Bay Area and the falafel at Oasis is better than any I've had locally. I also love New Pi, and have enjoyed the pizza at Pagliai's. Definitely check out John's if you're at all into beer -- if I recall, they also have a huge variety of soda. Also, I don't remember the name, but when I was there late last summer there was a good crepe place about a block from the public library. Enjoy your trip, Iowa City is great.

                        1. re: TerriL

                          I don't know if it's running this time of year, but I just remembered the IC farmer's market. It has really grown over the past few years (the first time I went it seemed to be mostly corn!). There was a terrific Ethiopian vendor there with veggie options, as well as a great variety of baked goods.

                          1. re: TerriL

                            It usually starts the first weekend in May

                      3. re: Pandora

                        New Pi's Cashew on a Hot Tin Roof is what I pack before any plane trip.