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Mar 19, 2012 12:33 AM

Fried Chicken- Strip T's and Highland Kitchen

It's so terrific at Strip T's; I can't imagine HK being better. Anyone tried both?thx.

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    1. Having had both, my vote goes hands-down to Strip-Ts. I do not remember the specifics of HK's, only that I vastly preferred my DC's pan-roasted chicken, as did she, while we were fighting each other over the Strip-Ts version. ST's I would order in a heartbeat any day; HK's I would not bother, there are too many better things on the menu.

      1. Oh man, I got excited with the subject of your post... I thought you were going to do a detailed comparison of the two.

        It looks like perhaps I need to eat a bunch of fried chicken and just make that post myself! :)

        Anyway, I've had the fried chicken at Highland Kitchen and thought it was very good, but I do think I prefer their roasted chicken. I really need to get out to Strip T's very soon.

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          definiteLY! early reservation may be your best shot.

        2. When we went to Strip T's recently for a chowdown they generously gave us a plate of fried chicken to try (I think because we were talking about it but didn't order it.) Although I found the greens a bit sweet (reminded me of old school "duck sauce), the chicken itself was fantastic. It had a good medium crust, not too thick not too thin), and the crust was crackly crisp.

          The meat though was the real star. It was so tender and juicy it almost reminded me of slow cooked pork. They told us they brined it for three days. The grits were well done as well.

          I haven't tried the Highland Kitchen version, but they are on my radar for a visit. Definitely check out Strip T's though. Great restaurant, great food, and friendly people.

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          1. re: Klunco

            yes, k, i just posted to you on that Strip Ts thread. And i was the OP for this question, which explains that i love the fr. chicken at ST's.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Haha, sorry OC, but yes Strip T's fried chicken yum! Also that burger is definitely in my future.