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Mar 19, 2012 12:04 AM

Singapore - Brasserie Gavroche: Best French Bistro in Town?

This place was first mentioned to me by fellow Singapore Chowhound, M_Gomez (

Been back to Brasserie Gavroche a couple of times already, and had to say it's simply *the best* French bistro in Singapore at the mo.

Lunch today:
- Bone marrow on toasted Poilane bread with garlic confit - very tasty combination. In fact, the garlic confit lent the dish a strong assertive flavor which I could not find in St John (london)'s famous version;
- Sauteed bamboo clams with Iberico ham - not to my taste, but my dining companion proclaimed it the best starter she'd ever had;
- Grandpa Henri's fish quenelles with crayfish sauce. 2nd time I'm having this & I'm still hankering for a return visit. Absolutelty delicious quenelles - perfect taste & texture;
- Pan-roasted sirloin steak with Bearnaise sauce & fries. The fries were the best ever. The steak was done up perfectly as ordered (medium rare);
- Baba au Rhum - BEST in Singapore!!!

Polished friendly service by the mainly French service staff. The decor transports one to Paris in a flash ;-)

Address details
Brasserie Gavroche
66 Tras St
Singapore 079005
Tel: +65 6225 8266

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  1. Agreed. Very classy place. Loved the fact that I can get classic French bistro fare there. Only missing the fried tripe/chitterlings.

    1. Second that. Some very authentic dishes which can't be found elsewhere in Singapore (to the same standard). Love the bone marrow. Thought the steak was not the best cut though, can be quite hard and chewy (function of the quality of the beef not the cooking), but the fries were good. Their winelist has been thoughtfully selected.

      Problem is that if it markets itself as a bistro then the pricing is quite high relative to its competitors. Interesting to see that each of the 4 times I've been there, the percentage of french diners is very high.

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      1. re: Smilinglion

        Too true with regards to the prices. A good meal there costs US$100 per head on average (with a glass of house wine). But then, eating out in Singapore has become pretty expensive these days - an a la carte lunch at Les Amis in Claymore Hill Rd costed me S$195 (US$155) the last time I was there!

        The French community prefers small, cosy restaurants with a good French chef running the ktichens and largely French service staff up-front - and this Brasserie Gavroche provides.

        Back in 1992, the now-defunct L'Aigle d'Or (at Duxton Hotel, 5 minutes away from Tras St) had a French maitre'd, Dominique Couture, to front the house whilst Executive Chef, Thierry Duflos, manned the kitchens. It was the regular lunch-spot for many in Singapore's French expat community for years.

      2. Wasn't it fabulous? I loved Grandpa Henri's pork pate with liver. The pork stew was also substantial - a complete meal in a pot with vegetables and that intoxicating broth.