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Mar 18, 2012 08:34 PM

Cheap, awesome greasy breakfast tacos near the airport

Evening all,

Just wanted to report a new find on my recent frequent road trips back to Houston.

Exxon gas station on 71 just west of the airport and before you get to the Tollroad when leaving Austin- south side of the street and right next door to a DIY car wash.

Some of the best cheap, savory, fatty, grease rolling down your arm with every bite breakfast tacos I have ever had. Had egg and barbacoa on last trip, pork roast in BBQ sauce with rice this time around. Really good if you are in the mood for that kind of thing.

The meats are not very spicy, but most of the egg mixes have some fresh jalapeno in them. Go early, by around 8:30 most of the eggs are gone and getting on the dried out side. They do lunch too, but those selections are around in the morning as well with rice. Tacos made to order- everything under a heat lamp, not sure if prepared off site or not, and all the more reason to go early.

Tortillas okay- not bad, not mindblowing. But they are not the focus. This is all about the meat and grease- think of it as your favorite college foods as good as they can be.

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  1. Not far from the airport is a Bill Miller's. I know it's a chain but they are the perfect pre-plane food. They are fast, use real eggs, sausage and bacon. Two tacos fill me up for 8 hours. The nearest one is down 71 near the Walmart, almost a straight shot from the airport. Also, not a breakfast taco, P Terry has a nice egg sandwich.

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      Bill Miller has some of the better breakfast tacos out there. They are very generous with their fillings and the availability of brisket and link sausage sets them apart.