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Mar 18, 2012 06:41 PM

Food Events and Birthday Dinner Recommendations?

I am taking my partner to San Francisco for a few days for her b-day. We are major foodies and run a food related events business in Toronto. We are wondering what is going on with the food scene in San Francisco and whether there are any food related events that we can look into attending (i.e. supper clubs, communal dining experiences, restaurant crawls), and, part 2, whether there are any specific recommendations for a great restaurant experience for a special b-day dinner. I know this is relative, but, any standout restaurants suggestions would be great, in any price range.

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  1. 1. When are you going to be here? Hard to recommend events if we don't know ....
    2. Some Recent Board Favorites:
    AQ - Decently priced, seasonal cuisine
    Atelier Crenn (long, modernist cuisine menu) - I found it a bit uneven, but many on the board are very fond of it.
    Aziza - Cal/Morroccan
    Benu - Tasting Menu with some Asian influences. Former chef de cuisine at French Laundry
    Canteen - Brunch/Breakfast
    Cotogna - Casual Italian
    Burmese - Burma Superstar (there are other options just can't recall)
    DOSA - Upscale South Indian
    Ferry Building Farmer's Market - Sat. Mornings
    Lers Ros - Thai
    Perbacco - Formal Italian

    Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, Ritual - Espresso drinks or drip
    Philz - Drip
    Sightglass - Espresso or Drip (I find them too acidic, but many love them)

    Ice Cream:
    Humphrey Slocombe
    Ice Cream Bar (for floats)
    Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous

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      Will be there March 29th and March 31st :)

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        Thanks for the tips as well. You just totally reminded me of Blue Bottle Coffee. Loved it the last time I was there. Have to buy a bunch to bring home!

      2. Food trucks-most of the SF food trucks are on twitter and they happen year round
        you can also find out where they are on

        underground restaurant - lazy bear

        Bernal supper club at Caffe Cozzolino but I am not sure if they are still going on.

        Quince, Atelier Creen or Benu for birthday dinner depending on your preferences.

        two new favorite of mine AQ, you really get the whole idea of Californian local/seasonal food movement along with some creative techniques.

        State Bird Provision for a new take on delivery of dishes (the majority of the dish are already made and presented on trays or carts for you to pick and choose). Very good reasonably sized and priced desserts.

        And lots of Latin American and South American food.

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        1. End of the month:Eat, Drink and Jazz! Event - March 25th, in Tiburon.

          1. Thanks for the tips so far. Like more of the "underground" movements, shall we say. We have adopted a lot of the events from San Francisco in Toronto already, such as the Underground Market and Dishcrawl, and, we have a lot of food trucks, supper clubs, etc., as well, but, always looking for new ideas or to experience these in another city.