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Mar 18, 2012 06:29 PM

Garlic shrimp in Lisbon, Cacais or Sintra and other questions

Heading to Portugal next week for 5 days. We will be staying in the Sintra province and will day trip into Lisbon. One of my favorite dishes is shrimp cooked in olive oil with garlic. What is this dish called in portuguese? Will the shrimp be local and fresh this time of year? I am looking for recommendations in Lisbon for lunch (won't have time to venture out of the central area) and/or dinner recommendations around our hotel-- cascais and sintra are both within cabbing distance.

Other questions: what seafood is in season this time of year (if you know the names in English and Portugese that would be extremely helpful).

In case we tire of seafood, are there any dish specialties using typical Portuguese sausage? I love Caldo verde but am unfamiliar with other dishes.

Finally, any simple, rustic but delicious off the beaten track type portugese cuisine restaurants in the Sintra/Cascaiis area for dinner? Nothing modern or nouveau. We will be cabbing so no need to be near public transport.

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  1. Your gambas are called Gambas Ajillo, A Gilo or any variation o the spelling (deformation of the Spanish name as the dish is of Spanish origin). Fresh, it depends where... Gambrinus should have them.
    If seafood is not in season, it won't be on restaurant's menus in Lisbon... Ameijoas (clams), buzios (murex) berbigão 8cockles), sapateira (crab), Santola (spider crab). About gambas and camarões the bigger it is, the more likely it is it comes from Mozambique...
    You should try a cozido a Portuguesa at least once in your life.
    Not sure if you appreciate the distances between Cascais, Sintra and Lisbonne...

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      Thanks for the info, very helpful. I realize Lisbon is 40 minutes or so from Sintra and was only planning a day trip there. But I thought if I am based in Sintra (Penhalonga resort) I should be able to cab to either cascais or sintra? I think I am in between them.

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        Now I understand. From Penha Longa it is a short ride to either (but not to Lisbon). You will find reviews of Sintra and Cascais if you put a search on this board (box at top right corner of this page). Fortaleza do Guincho in Cascais is superb (Michelin star), and also Porto de Santa Maria for fish and shellfish.