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Mar 18, 2012 06:28 PM

Korean burritos in Rockridge

I was walking by College Avenue Wines, Spirits & Deli at Alcatraz on the edge of Rockridge, and noticed a sign saying they have Korean BBQ burritos, I think it was $5 for one and $8 for two.

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  1. It's a bulgogi burrito. I had one mid-2011 and then it was $4.99 for one or $8.99 for two.

    Smaller than your average Mission burrito (see pic) with rice, meat, and a little bit of lettuce. Taste was OK. They have a "spicy" option which wasn't too hot. Not a lot of meat; one didn't fill me up for lunch.

    They also have other basic deli sandwiches.

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      Thank you for the 20oz bottle comparison.

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          HA HA College Avenue Wines, Spirits & Deli at Alcatraz!

          They bought the business in the early 90's and destroyed a million dollar a year sandwich business that the previous owners had built up!

          The new owners thought cheap ingredients and bad service was what the local people wanted...they thought wrong.

          I'm sure their Korean burrito is crap and overpriced too!!

          El Paso!

    2. It's not that great. There's too much unflavored rice and, unlike a Mission style burrito, the pieces don't add into something beyond the ingredients. I'll take a Korean style sandwich from Rhea's, King Foot subs, or HRD any day over this.

      1. saw a sign for $8 Korean BBQ burritos at Henry's Gallery Cafe on 17th Street at Frankin in Oakland but haven't tried it yet. Also bibimbap.

        You might have to squint, but this is their sidewalk chalk board:

        Henry's Gallery Cafe
        1700 Franklin Street Oakland, CA 94612
        (510) 835-5064