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Mar 18, 2012 06:18 PM

Amelia Island Recs

We will be visting Amelia Island in June for a few days. Please provide any advice you have for this area. As we are travelling with our 7 year old and won't be packing any dressy clothes, teh only places I wouldn't be interested in would be super high end. Thanks in advance !

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  1. Rather than repeat all that has gone before I offer this link to an earlier thread:

    1. Upon returning, here is our finding:

      Many great options in downtown Fernandina Isl. area including the following:

      1. Timoti's Fry Shak: GREAT fried seafood in an informal setting. Fast, friendly service and great value made this a repeat destination for us. Carlin and the entire staff (including the guys in the kitchen) were exceptionally friendly !

      2. Cafe Karibo: When a place can accomodate a table of 15 on short notice on a Saturday evening, you know they are customer focused! Great food with a wide variety of options. Service (Susan and Colin in particular) was exceptional.

      3. Kelley's : Nice courtyard setting with a New Orleans flavor. Our server, Jenna, was exceptional. The food was fresh, well seasoned, and delicious. Another great option !

      4. Merge: Don't let the location (8th Avenue in a high traffic area strip mall area) discourage you. The menu is very creative (pork belly fried rice was genius) and the food was all delicious. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and portion sizes. The wine list is fairly priced and has a wide range of options.

      It is clear that this area has several options that are extremely well run and are focused on repeat business from locals as well as the tourist trade. We felt welcome at all of the above locations and were happy to spend some of our hard earned Vermont $$ there !!!!

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        Glad you had a good time in Fernandina! Please come back and try Arte Pizza (across the street from Cafe Karibo) and Lulus. You will not be disappointed!

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          We wanted to but they weren't open for lunch the day we left (Tuesday) so we went back to Timoti's !